For our review on The Handlebar Club visit the following link:

To see an article in our local paper about our business click here:


 (once the article pulls up, click on the article to enlarge it.) 
Check out our business being featured on a segment of our local NBC news affiliate channel! There are two short videos, one that was done on the morning news (minute long) and one that was done on the evening news (2 minutes long).
Check out the clip on ESPN where the announcers for a nationwide baseball game are talking about Firehouse Moustache Wax! Kenny is a customer of ours and a videographer for ESPN and was kind enough to let us know and send this to us.The conversation got started due to a lot of the Long Beach players having 'staches. Pretty cool!!

One of our customers created a helpful booklet on "How to Grow, Style & Maintain a Handlebar Moustache" featuring our wax. We were impressed! We think you will be too. Check it out by clicking below:

Want to see a great tutorial on how to style a handlebar with our wax? One of our customers with a stellar 'stache created a very informative video on Handlebar Styling 101. Watch him go from waking up in the morning to fully styled 'stache. We enjoyed watching it and know you will too! 

Check out this great video from Mr. Stachetastic! Is Firehouse 'Stachetastic' approved? A very thorough and informative review of our Wacky Tacky wax. And how about his awesome 'stache?!

You'll want to take a look at this fun and informative video by on how to apply our wax:

Check out the press release for FMW and our involvement with the U.S. Lawn Mower Racing Association's "MOWvember." (also to raise money for men's health in association with 'Movember.')

Great and fun video featuring FMW and done in association with the U.S. Lawn Mower Racing Association's 'MOWvember.'   Thanks to Mick and his fine 'stache for doing this video concerning using FMW! 

Listen to this great commercial about our wax. It was created by one of our customers when he was in broadcasting school. Made us even want to go buy a tin! :) 

Beardsmen of the United Kingdom is the place to go for the best reviews of trimmers and all things facial hair. All products are thoroughly tested and tried and they will only recommend and sell the best of the best. They also did reviews of the top moustache waxes and we were quite pleased and honored to be a part of their review and selection process. To hear what they had to say about our Wacky Tacky Wax, please check out their link below for an informative and detailed review.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ voted our 'Wacky Tacky' as the Best Mustache Wax for 2016! Our 'Wacky Tacky' won when compared to over 20 other waxes! They 'feel that it has the ideal hold, scent, and ingredients necessary for most men.'  Check out for informative and helpful articles on all things male grooming. They work very hard to provide high quality information and reviews for the average man. You won't be disappointed!

For other great moustache sites visit:  
(Check out all the fantastic
 'staches in Hungary!) 




Looking for a gift set perfect for you or the moustache lover in your life?  Anne Marie's Pottery out of Holland, MI has a moustache mug, moustache comb AND our wax sold as a set! She'll ship anywhere in the U.S. or internationally. At Anne Marie's Pottery, she personally makes all of her pottery by hand in her studio on her potter's wheel. She carefully chooses the glazes to accent the lines of each vessel. Because of this, each pot is it's own unique work of art. Check out her work on both Etsy and Amazon!

Anne Marie's Pottery:
Direct link to her moustache mug page on Etsy, but check out her other work too!

Her Amazon store: 
If you're interested in unique and quality handmade knives, checkout this webpage of a friend of mine:
If you're wanting some delicious custom BBQ catering from a retired Jackson, MS firefighter please visit this link:

Don and his wife Sue are Two Time World Champions for the best BBQ ever! They can cook on site or deliver their fine food. They mainly service the Mississippi area but can expand to surrounding states. 

For more great BBQ check out local Jackson, MS fireman John McKinnon's site at: 

If you're a male this is the site for you! If you'd like to see great product reviews of some really cool stuff and basically peruse an online magazine with like-minded males, then check out The managing editor is a firefigher/paramedic in N. Georgia near Chattanooga, TN. Since they review awesome stuff our wax is, of course, on there. :)

Please consider Gene for any artwork. He does an excellent job and uses the money to visit VA hospitals and homes free. 

I am a former graphic artist for NASA. I can do artwork from your pictures. I am very reasonable, and all work guaranteed to please, or you pay nothing. Proof sent to you before you pay a dime.
I can do several medium effects from abstract watercolor, to oil, line drawings etc. just send me a picture or e-mail me for more information:
Thanks for considering me,
Gene Howard
p.s. My John Wayne impersonator web site is My ministry and drawing books site is
*Photo is of customer Todd M., USAF and otherwise known as Chief McStache.


Check out the cool beehive made from FMW tins! Thanks to Mike Farrell of Amazed Installations that was the creative genius behind it all! They put on a quite a 'hairy' event showing their five different artistic displays with the FMW tin beehive being one of them. 

If you've got any interest in moustaches, homebrew or aquariums, this is the website for you! Read Stu's interesting blog all the way from the U.K.  He also did a great and detailed review on our Light wax. Check it and his website out below:
For in-depth reviews on everything facial hair, check out
Brian does thorough and detailed reviews of some of the best products around. Check out his review of our Dark and Tacky waxes at:
Please consider joining the National Bone Marrow Registry. It's a chance for you to do something good without costing a dime. They'll send you a kit where all you have to do is a cheek swab and send it back in the provided mailer and you're in. The odds are slim for you actually getting called to donate, but the more people that are in the registry the more lives are saved. If you do donate, it is stem cells where they just spin the cells out of your blood. Consider helping this worthy cause to save lives:
If you or anyone you know is interested in a custom made surfboard, this is the guy! A police officer who was shot in the line of duty is pursuing his dream of owning a surfboard business. Working out of his garage in St. Augustine, FL, he can make and shape anything you want for riding the waves. Check out his interesting story and contact him if you're interested!

Check out this great story! Not only did this Marine Veteran save the day (and this officer's life) with his bravery, but he also sports a mean handlebar that shouldn't be messed with either! We're proud to say he uses our Dark wax. Talk about representing in all respects! Score one for the good guys!

​FMW discusses all things facial hair with Zach, a Wacky Tacky fan and frontman for theatrical scamp rock band 'Fable Cry.'

Check out Fable Cry and Zach's facial hair in all its glory below

Watch "You Ain't My Baby No More":

 "Inspired by classic songs of heartache, the track sounds kind of like The Vandals covering Foxy Shazam at the circus. " (Absolute Punk)

Watch "The Good Doctor" :

"The video is a perfect visual representation of the festive and freaky song." (Fangoria)

Watch "Fancy Dancing" : 

"These guys are doing something fresh, unique, and they stand out among the abyss of musicians and bands in the Nashville area trying to pursue music as a career." (Middle Tennessee Music)

Not only check out Carl's awesome Wacky Tacky handlebar stache, but also check out his website for unique and beautifully handcrafted collections of jewelry. You won't be disappointed with their one of a kind pieces made from stones, minerals, fossils and crystals!


A portion of our proceeds from 2017 will go to the following charity:


"Until Everyone is FREE” 

FREE International is dedicated to the four-fold mission to: 
(F)ind, (R)estore, (E)mbrace, and (E)mpower international and domestic victims of modern day slavery and forced prostitution.

(Please see our "About Us" page for more details.)

Firehouse Moustache Wax thanks you for helping this worthy cause!

How's that for a handlebar?!