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Sean M.
"Another Firehouse Moustache Wax Enthusiast from The Royal Hamilton Light Infantry (WR) 13th Battalion Ceremonial Guard in Canada, Cpl Sean M."
Vaclav K.

Mitch W.
​Dalton, GA
"Love my handlebars!"
Karl W.
Oceanside, Ca
"The Best Moustache Wax Ever!!! I've tried other brands of moustache wax. Some brands when they dried would leave flakes in my stache. The first time I used Wacky Tacky it went on clean and the hold is superb!!! Thanks Firehouse. I'm sold on your product. Thanks again."

Blaine C.
Prince Edward Island
Dan H.
Independence, MO
"Cancer Treatment controls the amount of growth, but Firehouse Wax controls the growth! Love this stuff. The service is excellent. Thanks John."

Jamie C.
Madison, AL
"I just ordered your (Dark) wax last week and it was off in the mail the next following morning. I just got it last night and played around with it late. I left it in my moustache overnight, and to my disbelief, it was still holding up very well. It only took a small amount this morning to get it back to almost perfection. Thanks you so much for such a great product and a quick shipping time as well. I have already recommended it to a co-worker this morning! P.S. Sending you a photo I took last night after applying."
John L.
U.S. Navy
Currently deployed
Kyle L.
Newport Beach, CA

"I just placed another order and thought I would let you know how appreciative I am of Firehouse Wacky Tacky.  I have been using your wax for almost a year now, and it never fails me.  No matter what the weather or activity, I can always rely on the hold. It is a truly superior product, and I will continue to be a loyal customer.  Thanks so much."
Thomas before applying our wax.
Day 1 of applying our wax..."The Double Handlebar."
Thomas' Double Handlebar after a 10 hour shift at the weld shop.  
Day 3...the "Triple Threat Handlebars!"
Day 3...the "Original" handlebars..
Thomas N.
Newnan, GA
"I keep trying new stuff everyday. So much fun playing with the stache. I'm pretty sure I'm going to have a group of followers at work. If I can get more of us with staches, I'll get us all together for a photo. Will probably be ordering more wax soon. Love it! And Merry Christmas to you all as well."
Sam H.
Chef from Grant, AL
"I just purchased your Dark wax and Wacky Tacky wax. They both work very well. I'm really enjoying the holding power of the Wacky Tacky. If you ever close up shop, please let me know beforehand so I can put in a massive order!!! Here is a picture of me having used the Wacky Tacky! Great stuff!!!"

Steve K. in costume
Edison, NJ
Photo by H. Schatz

Stephen K.
Lexington, SC
"Wacky Tacky is the best. Merry Christmas!"
David S.
Cochran, GA
"Thanks Wacky Tacky!"
Benji O.
Monnett, MO
"Thanks for a fine product! And thanks for making my Christmas that much more enjoyable!"
Alex J. Updated Photo
Washington, PA
"Hi John, Thought you may want to see how the ole facial garden is growing! I recently trimmed 1.5 inches off the moustache but it needed it. I get many compliments everyday from people at work about the moustache and they always ask how it stays out. I answer: I use Firehouse Moustache Wax!  P.S. Facial hair is at 30 months :) I cut off 8 inches of head hair yesterday, long overdue!"
Mitchell K.
Los Angeles, CA
"Best Moustache Wax I've used thus far! Thanks for such a great product, expect more pictures! Thank you!"
Timothy P.
Norwalk, CT
"Pic from a while ago and a more recent one. Wacky Tacky is my go to these days, thanks guys!"
Mark T.
London, England
"Just a quick e-mail to say thank you for a great product! I am currently using your Dark tash wax and have given up on my other brand. Also, my wife loves the smell, which she describes as very 'manly'! Happy New Year to you all at Firehouse."
Matthew K.
Buffalo, NY
"The Dark wax has a nice hold. Greetings from Buffalo NY."
Our awesome U.S. Navy!
"Thank you for being such an awesome American company. Can't wait to style my stache this deployment." 
Zachary S.
Before and After photos using the Dark wax
Nathan J.
Toronto Canada
Check out his site at:
Daniel P.
Castro Valley, CA
"Never used Moustache wax ever, until about six months ago. Grew the ends out a little longer and bought 2 tins of Firehouse Moustache Wax. One "Wacky Tacky", and one "Dark". The product holds in place very well, and has a great aroma. If I had to describe it, I'd say similar to the aroma of a fine cigar before it's been lit. I highly recommend it. Thank you."

Alex H.
Irving, TX
"Just got my Wacky Tacky a few days ago and I love it, thanks FMW!!!"
Eric C.
San Francisco
"I'm the one on the right..."
"The photo was taken just outside the Dali Museum in Paris. Your wax has traveled the world with me!
And thanks for making a great product - I hope I've generated a bit of other business for you, as I've been asked several times what I use on my mustache and I always sing the praises of Firehouse Moustache Wax. Cheers!"
Brennan and Tory - wearing their 'deployment 'staches' while serving in our awesome Navy!

"My friend Tory (on the right) is a huge fan of your wax and has been singing its praises. We took this picture for you during our deployment off the coast of Iran. Hope you like it!"
Andrew V.
Mammoth Lakes, CA

"Thanks so much for an awesome product. 

Unfortunately due to being selected to attend a major metropolitan fire academy I will be shaving my mustache. The cons just outweigh the pros. The good news is it will one day grow back (when I've earned that right in the department) and you can bet on my having some trusty Wacky Tacky in hand when it does!!"

Until that day here is a photo of my stache in all it's glory!! 

Thanks again for a great product and for helping men everywhere live the dream of a dapper mustache."
Karl W.
Updated Photo
Oceanside, CA
"Still loving the Wacky Tacky. The greatest stuff ever. My wife doesn't even mind the stuff. She says that it's alot better than the other stuff I used to use. Keep up the great wax. I'll keep sending updates as the handlebars get longer."
Richard Green: The Modern Conjurer
Brentwood, TN
"John, I just placed an order for my second tin of Wacky Tacky after a year...that last one really took a while to go through, and I apply it quite liberally! After years of frustration with the commercial stuff on the market, I came across your site, placed that first order last year and haven't looked back...I absolutely love this wax!

One of these days I'll need to order a t-shirt to wear when I perform my show...the mustache gets lots of comments from people after my performances, and I always talk up FMW to those who are growing their own..."
Mark R.
Benner Elk, NC
"Holds up even after a morning of skiing."
Brendon W. - aka "Brendoon"
New Zealand
B&N Creations
Aaron B.
Godfrey, IL
"Three months and a can of Tacky...wish the wife liked it as much as I do...even the guys at my firehouse are gettin used to it...lol"
Adam B.
Tempe, AZ
"Just wanted to show off my stache using Wacky Tacky!"
Peter F.
Bend, OR
Who said a pretty gal can't look good with a moustache that rivals her owner?
Doug's dog 
Doug W. 
D.C. Fireman
Doug W.
D.C. Fireman with moustache birthday cupcake
Ross S.
1st place winner in the National Beard & Moustache Competition in Las Vegas
"Wanted to submit a few pictures from this years national beard and moustache competition in Las Vegas. I am a long time Firehouse Wax user and swear by your product to keep my tips poised in front of the camera and judges. I took gold in the Hungarian division and am ready to defend my crown at both next years nationals in New Orleans, as well as the Worlds in Germany. I owe much of my success to your wax. While I have tried countless different waxes on the market, I've found Firehouse to be my bread and butter thru it all. ...
Thanks for the Gold!
Best frickin' Hungarian moustache in the country."
Cort Z.
Vacouver BC Canada

Kenn W. & his lovely wife celebrating Mardi Gras
La Mesa, CA
Brady F.
Hannibal, MO
"My name is Brady Fee, I'm from Hannibal Missouri. I'm a Fire Fighter First Responder with Barry Fire Dept, and Pike County Emergency Corps. I'm new to the mustache game, and my wife bought me some of your Tacky wax and I love it. I had no idea I could do that with "my" mustache. I thought I was just going to have to resemble the biker from the Village People if I was going to wear a mustache. Since the last two months I've had the mustache and tried the handlebar thing, I've had a lot of positive comments and a few other people have now started their journey to a handlebar. I am referring them to your product. Thanks for the awesome wax!"
Justin N.
Bryan, TX
"Just wanted to say that I just ordered my second tin of Wacky Tacky and I couldn't be happier with the results. I sent a picture of a longer version of my mustache in October, but have trimmed it since then to give you what you see here. Good job at the firehouse, and good luck."
Travis A.
Flowood Fire Dept.
Flowood, MS
Michael L.
Halifax, MA
"I love your Tacky!!! Holds up to the hardest Winter weather conditions."
Jim H.
Owner of El Pelon Taqueria Mexican Restaurants
Boston, MA
"Firehouse Moustache Wax...my Moustache Viagra. I wanted to say how great I think your product is and how much I enjoyed using it. This is my third order and I am a daily user. I tell everyone in Boston my "secret" to a great mustache. I own a few Mexican restaurants in Boston. We are celebrating our 15th year in business and the logo is based on a picture of me. Your wax makes it easier to keep looking good. I included a few pictures because I noticed the great ones on your site."
Bj S.
Ogden, UT
"Love your product!!"
Bob G.
Fostoria, OH
"I love the wax , it's about time to order more."
Michael K.
Updated photo
Detroit, MI
"Firehouse Wax is it!"
Jason A.
West Hollywood, CA
"This picture is about 1 month old and I have yet to trim this stache. I'll update the picture in a day or two. FireHouse Wax or Bust. Works well."
Gerry G.
Montreal, Quebec
Glenn F.
Albuquerque, NM
"I love your product. I don't know if you look for pictures from your customers and fans for your web site but attached is one of my handlebar, groomed with Firehouse Light. Feel free to use it. I am a university medical school administrator in Albuquerque, NM. I have tried a bunch of waxes and keep coming back to yours."
Mike F.
New York, NY
John T.
"Wacky Tacky, Jack.."
Ed D.
Tacoma, WA
"Wacky tacky survived Phagwah celebrations."
Arnold F.
Christoval, TX
Ross H.
Methuen, MA
"Thanks Guys. New to the FD in Methuen, MA but the mustache wax helps my handlebars really pop and makes me feel like a salty old Jake. Love the product...
My petite handlebar mustache not yet has it reached full length."
John C.
Houston, TX
Darrian G.
Bothell, WA
"I've been using Tacky for about a month now to control these curls. It's wonderful stuff that holds all day, and I never have to worry about it coming undone. Thanks!"
Jonnie. G.
Bob C.
"I can ride 100 miles on my motorcycle and the stache never waivers. Standing strong every day. Thanks FIREHOUSE MOUSTACHE WAX."
Baeden B.
Greensboro, NC
"FIREHOUSE MOUSTACHE WAX: that's how I roll..."
Paul V.
Chicago, IL
"Hey guys. Thanks for such a great product. I had to take this picture for you because this is after a little nap, an 8.5 hour shift at work, a 4 hour dinner and then a 15 minute scooter ride wearing a helmet, and a mask. No touch up needed. Got the Wacky Tacky. Thanks again. Simply amazing."
Peter C.
Standish, ME
"Thanks for creating a great wax! Love your product."
Jeremiah G.
Boise, ID
"I've been using your wax for about a week now. And I love it. Thank you for such a great product and such a speedy delivery."
Mark W.
La Porte, TX
"I've been using your Wacky Tacky for about a year. It's the only wax I'll ever use. Period. No other wax made can last in the hot Texas heat. This one does and that's saying a lot. Thanks."
Ildar S.
"I mean, what is the best wax. Now my mustache is not afraid of Siberian frosts :{ "

Douglas S.
Fulton, MO
Allen B.
Phoenix, AZ
"Love your (Dark) wax! "Your wax also holds up after a day working at a call center! Just saying. lol""
Denny P.
Florence, MS
"No Wax, No Party."
Thee Bluebeard
Chicago, IL
"This is how it's done, mates.
Sean R.
Raleigh, NC
"Hello and thank you for creating such an excellent product. I've just started waxing my mustache and decided to give Firehouse a try. I love it! It goes on easy and really does last all day. It's 'fan-stache-tic'!"
Clay M.
Franklin, TN 
"Firehouse Moustache Wax "On the Job.""
Scott P.
Fountain Hills, AZ 
"The Wacky Tacky held up for the whole overhaul. Everyone was very impressed. Myself included! Thanks for making a great product."
Scott A.
San Leandro, CA
"Finally getting a nice curl on!"
Joe P.
Marietta, GA
"Wacky Tacky"
Asa H.
"Wacky Tacky, great stuff."
Ken S.
"Thanks for a great product."
Stevan M.
Midlothian, TX
"Your Wacky Tacky is just plain awesome! It is so nice not having to do touch ups multiple times a day like with other products. After I figured out that my wife's hair dry worked perfectly to soften the wax, I was good to go! I get compliments daily on my mustache now. I have recommended your product to a whole lot of folks now and will continue to do so. Thank you."
Andrew B.
Saint Michael, MN
" I use Firehouse! Love it!"
 Juan A. Sr.
Retired US Navy
Virginia Beach, VA
"John, wanted to say Thank you for a wonderful product such as Wacky Tacky. I ran the Rugged Maniac 5k mud run in Richmond, Va 05/04/13. The Wacky Tacky survived the many mud ditches and 20 obstacles."
Joe S.
Redford, MI
"I'm studying in Italy this summer. Everybody here says I look like an authentic Italian, even though I've yet to see one single handlebar here. When they ask for my secret, I'll tell them that they need a minimum of 8 weeks and a tin of Firehouse Moustache Wax!"
Mitchell K.
Los Angeles
"Thanks again! Just hit 1 year and still goin' strong!"
Jason A.
West Hollywood, CA
"My Barber has a pretty great Moustache as well! Here is an updated pic of mine after 6 months growth."
Nicky P.
Las Cruces, NM
"Enjoying another 48 on the engine!"
Henry J.
Thompson, CT
"I've been using your mustache was for about a month now and it's wicked awesome. It has a great hold that doesn't fade out during a hot day or while playing baseball.
I get plenty of compliments everyday and when people ask I make sure to let them know "fire house" wax."
Stephen K.
Lexington, SC
"I won 3rd place at the 4th Annual Southeastern Beard & Mustache Championships using Wacky Tacky - thanks! Too bad someone stole my winnings before they could even be awarded. Thanks to you and the HCBMS for putting on a great event. — at The Music Farm, Charleston SC"
Dave C.
Visalia, CA
Steve B.
Richmond, VA
"Wanted to put the Firehouse Wax to the skydiving test....the photo says it all."
Mike G.
"Thank you for a great product! 
My daughter approves."
John R.
Socorro, TX
"Thanks for the 'stache wax! It's an awesome product! I know I don't have much of one but this wax helps in training it. Thanks again!"
U.S. Navy
"This is the biggest my mustache has ever been. I look like a madman until I use Firehouse Mustache Wax. Thanks for supporting the military and great American mustaches. Here's a picture of my mustache at its finest."

Santino M.
"Thanks! Wacky Tacky holds up great when playing old time base ball with The Diamond State Base Ball Club of Delaware and the Atlas of Delaware City."
Jonathan W.
London, UK
Chuck M.
Little, Elm, TX
"Wacky Tacky is the best I have ever used! No more white clumps and the hold is awesome. Keep up the good work."
Chacho F.
Phil M.
Newton, MA
"Firehouse Moustache Wax Dark. Got lots of great comments on our Firefighter Memorial Sunday."
Baeden B. - Beard & Moustache Club of NC
Updated Photo
Greensboro, NC
"Wacky Tacky holding strong since the morning."
Eric S.
Saratoga Springs, NY
"Wacky Tacky - Just got it. Just tried it. SUPER CONTROL. 
I slept with the handlebars and they held up!"
Matt C.
Dayton, OH
"Rain or shine the 'stache is fine. Thanks to Firehouse Dark."
Chad B.
Gulfport, MS
"Firehouse works for me! Halfway through my second can!"
Paul G.
San Diego, CA

This is my first time using wax and I love it. I researched what brand I wanted over the internet and Wacky Tacky was the one that stood out the most in all of the reviews. The smell is great as well, very pleasant and not too strong, my wife actually likes it too. The hot, humid weather in San Diego is no match for this stuff and it even holds up in the pool.
Timothy H.
Buffalo, NY
"Pic of my Mo all waxed up with Wacky Tacky! Thanks for the great product!"
Asa H.
Greenbrier, AR
"I am a firefighter in Arkansas. Just wanted to show my support for your product, thanks!"
Rick S.
Lake in the Hills, IL
Bruce W., Sr.
Limington, Maine
"Retired 40+ years Pre-Hospital care provider/critical care paramedic. 1969 to 2010, early retirement due to health. My mustache is a work in progress." 
Erin R.
San Antonio, TX
"Recent convert to the Wacky Tacky...this stuff is awesome. Helps tame my squirreliest of moustache hairs, but still leaves them feeling soft."
John O.
Loomis, CA
"I love your Dark wax!!"

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