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Ken - Ally B.'s fiancé
Just thought I'd share a photo of my fiancé. Even after a five mile mud run his moustache was still going strong.
He loves your product. It holds up great to the AZ heat (and mud runs) and gains him all of the compliments. Thanks."
Charles H.
Travelers Rest, SC
"Wacky Tacky is the STUFF! Buddy of mine drew this for me and wanted to share! Thanks for a great product! Thanks Kevin K.!"
Daniel B.
Chattanooga, TN
"Thank you Firehouse, my stache is on point!"
"Hi John,
I have been using your moustache wax (Wacky Tacky) for almost 1 1/2 years now, and it is the only product able to service what may be the longest waxed (handlebar) moustache in all of Adelaide, South Australia. We are not a big city, but a lively one and full of appreciative people. We like our icons. While not as famous as our beloved Johnny Haysman (a 250lb+ Aboriginal man who wears leotards, slaughterman's boots and dances with hula hoops), whenever I visit my favourite watering hole, I am asked about my facial adornment, or for a photograph.
Here are some of the approaches made to me, along with my reply:

Compliment; "That moustache is amazing!"
Reply; "I'll let you in on a secret. So is the man (standing) behind it."

Compliment; "I really like your moustache!"
Reply; "Thanks. I'm rather attached to it, myself."

Compliment (If by a desirable lady.); "Great moustache."
Reply; "Yes, but would you kiss a man who had one like it?"

Compliment (If by a young bloke drinking with his mates.); "Excellent moustache!"
Reply; "You can have one, too, after you reach puberty."

Lady: "Oh, my goodness! How do you kiss with a moustache like that?"
Me: "Even better than without it." Or: "It's a big problem. The ladies complain it tickles their thighs."

Some say there are no stupid questions.
"So, do you like your moustache?"
"No, but it was the only one I could afford."

Bloke at the bar (a real Lothario, Armarni and swagger in spades): "That's quite the moustache you have there."
Me: "Thanks, mate. I'm sure you could have one if you bothered."
BATB: "Bullshit. If I tried, it'd be some Chinese looking shit."
Me: "Oh well."
BATB (chest inflated): "My parents endowed me with other features."
Me: "Yeah, I got this from my mother."

Anyhow, here is a photo for your website gallery. Keep up the good work and don't be afraid to let us fans know what goes into your product so we are not kept awake thinking our top lip may start to glow in the dark. 

Mark "No-Spot"
US Air Force
"Here is the first pic of the mustache. Still a work in progress but getting there for only 2 months worth of growth. Thank you again for your support and the wax!"
Vittorio L.
Data Protection Specialist
Austin, TX
"Many thanks for the great wax! I’ve no reason to use any other wax. Great product, great service. This photo was taken several hours after waxing, and as you see (and know yourselves) it keeps its hold—a testament to the quality of the Firehouse formula."
Kevin F.
"Thanks for a great product. Been using the Tacky for over three years!"
Ed D.
"Wacky Tacky. Thanks for making a great wax."
Walker T.
British Columbia, Canada
"Running my new firehouse wax through the rounds on our tour across Canada with the band. If it can make it through each show every night I'm going to be majorly impressed. High hopes so far!"
Anthony T.
St. Cloud, MN
"I really like the wax. Great stuff. Superior hold. I have used others but none come close to the quality of your wax."
Dick K.
"Tacky for the win!! Thank you for a great product."
Joaquin M.
Pasadena, CA
"I don't always wax my moustache, well actually I do, and when I do, I use FIREHOUSE MOUSTACHE WAX!
M.W. Thompson, 3rd West Cork Brigade"
Gabriel S.
New Orleans. LA
"Thanks for your great wax! This is what I did with it!. It wouldn't have been possible otherwise. I'm ordering some and I love your website!"
Major Chris
"Thanks for the great product, if it can hold in a cockpit that is over 115 degrees, it can hold anywhere!"
Derek S.
Calgary Fire Dept., Canada
"Your product is bad ass! Thanks FHW."
Nic H.
Webster Grove, MO
"Hey Firehouse! I just wanted to give you guys a little update and testimonial. I posted a photo to you about four months back when my handlebar was still pretty short, and now I'm coming up on the six month mark and things are looking great with the help of your wax.
It was an oppressively hot and humid day in St. Louis, where I live, hitting the upper 90's today. I work in the automotive field and spend a good amount of time in the heat, working up a sweat. I'm also a very heavy sweater just by nature. I styled my 'stache with Wacky Tacky at 6am this morning, worked a 9 hour, incredibly busy shift, and then snapped this picture at 5:30 this evening. I haven't had to touch it all day!
When I researched waxes, the ability to stand up to heat and humidity were wax characteristics that were the most important to me. Thank you Firehouse for making a wax that performs exactly as advertised."
Jareese N.
Vista, CA
"Went to the Opening day at the Del Mar horse races, and thanks to the best wax ever I was pretty much a celebrity that day. Everybody wanted a pic, or a hand shake with the Mou-stache! ! Thanks again for such an amazing product!!!! 
#firehousemoustachewax #bestmoustachwaxever #moustachediaries #moustachelife #theblackmoustache"
Aldo the Italian Spinone sporting his Wacky Tacky 'stache
Owner: Ed with Autumn Breeze Kennel, a professional hunting dog trainer in Minnesota
"The Wacky Tacky works good on the Spinone as well. Aldo has made a big hit in the world of Spinone dogs. Thank You for making a fine wax." 
Adam S.
Hull, UK
"Just a quick message to thank you for your Wacky Tacky. Have made 4 orders I believe now all the way from Hull in the UK. Best wax I have come across. 
It survives in all weathers, and even copes with everyone pulling at it, because, well it is awesome :)
Enclosed a pic of me and tash, waxed with Wacky Tacky....I do now sport a beard too...
Thanks again."
David Y.
Dayton, OH
"Only the best of waxes stand up to the summer heat and humidity.. Firehouse every day..."
Ronny W.
Michael C.
Hudson, OH
Sean F. of Slidell, LA is a big fan of our Light wax. Check out that 'stache and beard! He is designer and CEO of the disabled veteran owned business Gaming Thrones. If you're a person that spends most of the day working or playing on the computer, you'll want to check out this chair.
Danny W.
Coloma, MI
"A few months ago I set out to grow a handlebar mustache. I started with the little silver and green tube with the comb/brush and it worked ok. However always had ‘stache dandruff. I then took a couple shots at making my own, which worked OK but not completely giving me the hold I wanted. I did a lot of research and ordered some of your tacky wax. I started using it yesterday prior to going to work and it held great. This morning I played around with it and finally got curls that almost wrapped upon themselves. Your product is awesome. There must be some magic in that little tin. Just thought I would let you know that I’ve found my go to wax.
Great job."
Dave C.
"Thank you"
Michael Barrett
United Kingdom
"Firehouse in the UK!"
Daniel B.
Chattanooga, TN
"Thanks to Wacky stash holds up!!!"
Jim V.
(aka Beard Commander)
"Pocket dump..."
Walker T.
"Adding some class to my office."
Isaac H.
Anchorage, AK
(owner of Cold Vapes 907)
"3rd place in Alaska State Fair"
Jareese N.
Vista, CA
​"Been 2 years and a couple days since I started with the best product ever!! Would've been a lot longer if weren't for a few  "unexpected trims." I love you guys and your product, keep up the amazing work!! - The Black Mou-stache
‪#‎moustachediaries‬ ‪#‎theblackmoustache‬ "
David R.
Graham, NC
"Applied at 7:30am this morning and still holding strong at 6:30pm through multiple cups of coffee and lunch with no touchups. I've never used a wax that I could say that about before."
Scott L.
Long Island, NY
Volunteer FF for Manorville FD
"Hey my name is Scott L. I love my Firehouse Dark wax. One of my nicknames at the fire house is Waxy. I'm a volly at Manorville Fire Department on the east end of Long Island, NY."
Dan P. (aka Piano Dan)
St. Louis, MO
"Wacky Tacky!"
Frank G.
Camdenton, MO
Commodore P.
Lakeland, FL
"Thanks for the stache fun!"
Mark B.
Montvale, VA
"Have been using your Wacky Tacky for past years. Wish I could have found it 30 years earlier. Really love your product."

            Before                                                                                        After
Adam S.
Farmington Fire Dept., Missouri
"Hi there. I wanted to share my pics. First one is from when I started using the wax, and the second is an updated photo. Thanks!"

Darren B.
Anchorage, AK
"Tacky wax FTW. Thanks for making a wax that holds up all day, in any weather."
Tom Z.
New York
"Decided to go with a fumanchu this year. Still using Firehouse. Best way to hold when you work in a hot humid machine shop!"

Adam B.
Tempe, AZ
"Going back to my roots for the last few days. Wacky Tacky is a go to here in the fall/winter/spring of AZ."
Robert M.
Simi Valley, CA
"They call me Blackbeard... Firehouse wax gets the job done!!!"
Joaquin M.
Pasadena, CA
"Before I step out the door, before I get in the car, and most definitely before I set my teeth and lips on a gravy drizzled bird, I make sure my stache is fully drenched in FIREHOUSE MOUSTACHE WAX.
This was not a paid endorsement."
Tyler H.
Raleigh, NC
"Yo wax is da bomb!!! Love your wax!! I have been using it for the past few years and suggest it to people all the time."
Peter P.
Plymouth, MI
"Waited till November was over to put my Handlebars up proper. The Wacky Tacky showed up today, Thanks!"
Stephen H.
"Well, after careful application and thoughtful consideration of your product, my associates and I have made the following observations...

- while still showing epic holding properties, my girlfriend (now lovingly known as "Winkie") noted that she felt she was no longer at risk of having an eye potentially poked out - as risked with some of the other noxious compounds;

- the "firm, yet flexible" nature of the product has disturbingly inspired several of my associates to give up Viagra and Cialis. I have elected to omit the photo...

- and finally, the cats have assured me that it tastes "great" while flossing their teeth on the handlebar bits."
"The indignities I endure for research."
Steven W. - 'New Customer
Caney Creek VFD-Texas
Tarik S.
Los Alamos, NM
"Love your product as it is the only one that lets me get the full curled tips on the handlebar and holds up while I am biking or cross country skiing in all weather."
John S.
Strathroy, ON Canada
"Thank you for a great moustache wax. I use it everyday!  
Merry Christmas and a great New Year!" 
John C.
"My annual Christmas moustache is in full bloom. I'm calling this style "The Imperial." It's in between "The Kaiser" and "The Frenchman." Style and sophistication blended with formidable ruggedness. As always, thanks to the best moustache wax on the market, Firehouse Brand Wacky Tacky. From my moustache to yours, have a merry Christmas!"
Mike P.
BC, Canada
"I got some Dark wax from you guys and thought I would share a picture of how it looks so far. It is still a work in progress. Thank you for making such a great wax. It really stands up to our Canadian winters. I couldn't imagine using anything else. It really lasts a full shift when I am cruising in my Police car. Thanks again." 
Jake K. (updated photo)
Carpentersville, IL
"Hello John, here is my handlebar."

Euan P.
"Product Testing - tested! Did a bit of canyoning recently, canyoneering I think you Northern types call it, but either way there was abseiling down waterfalls and swimming in rivers. As you can see, the wax held up a treat. Keep up the good work! Many thanks and keep smiling."

Kirk H.
Maricopa, AZ
"Thanks again! You folks are great, and make a fantastic product. Here's to your continued success. Yours is the only wax that I use by the way."

Pro Boxer/Pittsburgh fireman Sam Butcher Suska (left) with Zach Peteovich (right).
Conn-Greb Boxing Club
"Love the wax!"
Piano Dan P. and Rob G., St. Louis, MO musicians.
Robert B.
Trumbull, CT
"Love your product! Discovered through Amazon last year. Attached is a photo…not really sculpted or “neat”, I prefer a big burly stache where it enters the room before me. I am just getting started. Wacky Tacky is awesome. Keeps my stache frozen in time- all day long.
Thanks for supporting the men that keep us safe every day."
Christopher M.
Oak Harbor, WA
Using the Dark wax
"I love your product."
Tommy Q.
Lemon Grove, CA
"The Tacky works amazing. I wasn't sure which to get. The Light I chose cause I have salt n pepper hair. I sent a pic to just show how awesome your product works. I paid $30 for a product that didn't do a third of what your product does. Amazing. You have a customer for life. Have an amazing day."

Walker T.
"This little tin is just about empty after almost a year of hanging out in my back pocket begging people to ask me if I chew tobacco.
I toured across Canada with my band and the wax held up for every show we played.
And now I'm just about to head home from a monthlong trip to China. It held the smell of Beijing's infamous smog at bay and it never backed down through the rainstorm-like humidity in Wuyishan.
Thanks for a fantastic product! Can't wait to order a replacement!"
Walker T.
"Here is a picture of your wax dominating the humidity at Da Wang Feng in Wuyishan in China."
Check out this great story! Not only did this Marine Veteran save the day (and this officer's life) with his bravery, but he also sports a mean handlebar that shouldn't be messed with either! We're proud to say he uses our Dark wax. Talk about representing in all respects! Score one for the good guys!

Aaron M.
Las Vegas
"Should have sent this on Halloween, but Firehouse is front and center in my costume from this year/ well last year now.  Been using your wax for three years now."
Greg Z.
HazMat Technician
Indiana, PA
"I used firehouse moustache wax for my 1st competition and came in 2nd place."

Sean G.
Indianapolis, IN
"Just wanted to let you know I picked up some of your Dark moustache wax at the HandleBar in Austin Texas last week. I was running low on my current tin and saw your wax in a vending machine at the bar. That is a perfect place to sell your product. There are all kinds of guys sporting their stashes in that place. I have used several different types of wax and I always keep coming back to’s the best in my opinion. Thanks for producing the product. Attached is a photo of my stash with your wax."
Darren Brown
Anchorage, AK
"Keeping it "Tacky" at work."
Isaac Howell
Cold Vapes 907
Anchorage, AK
"Give me Firehouse or give me death"
Judson S.
Richland Hills, TX
"Sitting at work, need to clean this mess up a bit but still a good hold since yesterday."
Jim F.
Lincoln, NE
"So I thought I would send a pic using the Light wax...still trying to get it looking awesome. I also wanted to thank you for having a great stache wax. I use it every day and really like it a lot. I wanted you to know that you have a customer for life."
Richard S.
Lake in the Hills, IL
Patrick S.
Chatsworth, CA
Love your wax.
Rocking the stache with a beard.
Hat is a Stetson Homburg.
Thanks again.

Darren B.
Anchorage, AK
"Diving boards today. Didn't feel like the standard curl....Vegas next week! It held up in the heat wave of 115 degrees last August. Looking forward to pool days and not having to reapply any wax. I love this stuff."
Gabriel P.
Oceanside, CA
"Finally got to try the Firehouse wax for the first time! My buddy J told me about u guys after I bought another product that was no where close to the hold like this wax. I'm already loving it and stoked on putting it on now. xD"
Matt C.
Dayton, OH
"Four years ago I picked up some Tacky and to this day I use both Dark and Tacky. What a fine job you do! ‪#‎firehousemoustachewax‬"
Ya'll are awesome! Got the Tacky and Dark wax you sent to replace what was messed up in our house fire. Great product, amazing service, and just good doing business with a Brother in the Fire Service!
Little drooped from a day standing over the fire pit cooking for my Mother and Wife, and wind blew a tad as well. Still, looking darn slick after a good 14 hour day!
Thanks again Brother! From Texas with much thanks.
Brookesmith VFD - 2003 to Present
Firefighter/Driver/Grunt of all trades"
Darren B.
Anchorage, AK
"Oregon and Vegas heat stood no chance against the Tacky. Thanks again for a wonderful product!"
Wes F.
Stratford, OK
"Wacky Tacky still holding strong 10 hours later. Thanks Firehouse!"
Chris H.
"Hello John and Kristine. Just wanted to say thanks for the wax. I use the Dark wax first and then firm it up with the Light wax. It applies really easy and lasts all day long. I will definitely be a repeat customer. Thanks again and I hope all is well with ya"ll."

Bob S. (right)
Dawson, IL
Left photo: 1st place winner at the F.O.O.L.S Mustache Contest
Right photo: Bob and his training partner at a recent event in Springfield.
Double click here to add text.
Euan P.
"Second in the Ballarat Beard and Moustache competition here in southern Australia - wouldn't have happened without Firehouse..."
Marcelo R.
Updated Photo
Costa Rica
"I've been with you for the last 4 or 5 years, congrats for your great product. :)"
Ed D.
Tacoma, WA
"Tacky has no equal, it is so much better and different than any other wax out there. Fantastic stuff!"
Frank L.
Valdosta, GA
"Thanks for the speedy order and man I love it as I too am a firefighter here in Valdosta. Your wax holds up great!"
 Carl W.
Hustisford, WI
Not only check out Carl's awesome stache, but also check out his website for unique and beautifully handcrafted collections of jewelry. You won't be disappointed with their one of a kind pieces made from stones, minerals, fossils and crystals! 

"Having tried other waxes I can say hands down yours is the best. I chose your wax 2 years ago when my stache was starting. I will not go to other waxes. I have talked to people that have tried to grow a handlebar and they grew frustrated. I refer them to your wax as it will help get them through the "awkward phase" and on to a majestic handlebar...
Thank you for a great product. I get a ton of compliments, I attribute them all to a great wax. Without your wax my stache would be very hard to maintain. I look forward to spreading the word at the shows we do."
Scott C.
San Antonio, TX
"Your products are great. I have attached a picture of my facial hair using Dark. I have recommended your products to others and will continue to push your brand due to the quality and customer service."
Jim M.
Matawan, NJ
"So I just got my Tacky in the mail and decided tonight I would try it out. I have never used wax before and just started growing my moustache 6 weeks ago. With a bit of trimming and shaping and a bit of wax I love it! Thank you for making an easy to apply product!"
Joshua R.
Hattiesburg, MS
"Going on 48 hours in Mississippi heat without a touch up. Wacky Tacky is fantastic."
David C.
Salisbury, MD
Dakota D.
Sandusky, OH
"Hey John at Firehouse Moustache Wax! First time trying to handlebar and I've gotta say your product is awesome. Time and time again Internet reviews led me to your product...and I'm finding out its for good reason! I'm super excited to debut my moustache at my next MMA fight on August 20th! So I just wanted to say thank you to you and your crew for hooking me up!"
Greg K.
Manteca, CA
Pics taken in San Francisco, Manteca, CA and Tracy, CA
​"Long time wax user. First time emailer."
Jared P.
Kingsport, TN
"For the love of handlebars"
"I have been growing my beard for 2 years now, but I am still fairly new to the world of waxes. I tried a brand that my work sells first. It was very lacking, and I needed to apply a little hairspray to my fingers also to get any sort of hold. Even then it would start to droop as the day went on. I tried your Tacky wax today for the first time. Even after a full day of work, part of which was outside in over 90 degree weather, my handlebars stood strong. I just wanted to say that it is an amazing product, and that I am very pleased. Think I found the product I was looking for."
Mr. B
Indian Head, MD
His wife sent the pic and comment:
"Check out the stache pic! Thanks again for an awesome product!" 
Adam W.
Clinton Park, NY
"Phenomenal Product!"
"Dear Mr. Pitts,
  I have been using your wax- in specific the Wacky Tacky- for over a year now. I, unlike my three brothers, am unable to grow a beard thus I thought I was doomed to an existence plagued with a cookie-cutter goatee. My boss at work had a tin of the W.T. and I decided to try curling the ends of my moustache. Lo and behold I loved the look and idea of a handlebar moustache, so I went home and shaved the bottom part of my goatee and fashioned myself a starter-'stache! I noticed that the wax held up remarkably against the heat of the grill at work (I'm a butcher at a local meat market) and decided that I had finally found a look (and product) I can depend on and love! I have since received compliments on my moustache on a daily basis and have handed out several business cards for F.H. wax to anyone who is interested. I always show my tin and tell the tale of how you started making it and have even recommended it to a customer whose brother works at the oldest barber shop in Albany, NY. Thank you for creating such a wonderful product that is 100 percent reliable and made in the good ol' U.S. of A! You have a customer for life and I look forward to future purchases of the Wacky Tacky.
Thank you again and sincerest regards,

Peter P.
Plymouth, MI
"Building America! Mustache style!!"
John G.
Dallas, TX
"I've been using your (Light) wax for about 4 years. Have tried other products, but none provides results like yours. Keep it coming in those small batches."

Jim R.
New York
"Got my Wacky Tacky and Light waxes today in the mail. So far, so good. Easy to work with."
Clay H.
Italy - Firefighter
Updated photo
Adam C.
United Kingdom
"This fine, upstanding beast has been valiantly perched on my upper lip, utterly unflinching, for fifteen hours with no touch-ups whatsoever!
I literally cannot express how fantastic your product is. I will never, ever use another wax in my life. Phenomenal stuff!"
Kevin C.
Richfield, ID
Just got the Tacky in the mail yesterday and I already love the stuff. Hands down the best wax I've ever used. "