Joe C. with his 4th of July patriotic red, white and blue 'stache!
Provo, UT
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Neil B.
Harlingen, TX
F-16 Fighter Pilots Captain Frank (aka "Nasty") & Captain Thomas (aka "Shady)

Captains 'Nasty' & 'Shady,' along with their fellow comrades in their fighter squadron, grow moustaches every time they're deployed.  They were kind enough to fly a flag to  missions in Iraq and Libya in honor of Firehouse Moustache Wax supporting our troops. We now have the flag along with an official certificate and couldn't be prouder in owning it! (Pics to follow.) Sincere thanks and appreciation to all our troops and God Bless! Are these pics too cool or what?!

SO cool! Our military rocks!
Earl M.
New Orleans, LA firefighter
"I've been so frustrated with the stuff in a tube for so long. I put Firehouse in and I'm good to go all day and all night. Thanks for keepin' me classy!"
Brad B.
Brooklyn, NY
The 6th Annual "Mustache Madness" Golf Tournament winner

Thanks John,

(Sudbury, Ontario)

Alan F. aka Comanche Bill
Spring Branch, TX

"That's some Wacky Tacky."
Jacob B.
La Conner, WA
Check out the great pics and moustache tips in this handy pamphlet created by one of our customers featuring Firehouse Moustache Wax:

"Waxmanship! Love the Wacky Tacky!"
Jason T.
Cleveland, OH
Eugene C.
Fireman, Storm King Fire Engine Co. #2
Truck driver/ Owner Operator, Empty Pockets Express 
Cornwall, NY
Steffan D.
"Still at the experimental stage with the new waxes - definitely the best I've tried thus far though. This is with the Dark. I may need to move up to wacky tacky, as I'm blessed with very independent-minded facial hair."
 Jason R. (aka Von Munster)
Albany, OR
"Half way into my can...Might be time to order more!!"
Grant W.
Hannibal, MO
"In a crowd, people move out of my way when I am waxed up. "Nice 'stache" is the usual response."
Michael Y.
Alexander, AR
"Wacky Tacky works great! Just started the handlebars when my first tin came in about a month or so ago."
Updated photo of Matt P.
Breckenridge, CO
"I bought some of your wax about two years ago. Still love it. When I first bought the wax I sent you a picture, which you posted and I thought now would be a good time for a update. This (Dark) wax is still holding strong. I bought just one of your small tins and it goes to show a little goes a long way. Thanks again for everything."
Ben S.
Auckland, New Zealand
Lee-John B.
"Eight weeks growth, doesn't really do your product justice... yet!"
Hi John,

Here is another one to add. Thanks for a great product the best ever!

I manage a restaurant in Tennessee and it (the Light wax) keeps me looking sharp throughout the day. Even with the steam and heat in the kitchen it holds up!

Great product and keep it up.


Robert H.
(Cookeville, TN)

My name is Alex and attached is a photo from when I was in the Coast Guard in Sitka, Alaska. I grew it until they made me shave it, but now my tour is complete in two weeks and I am growing it back. I hope you enjoy and thank you for making the best mustache wax I have ever found.
Alex S.
Sitka, AK

Ron M.
Kelso, WA
"Love this Wax it makes any style possible!"
Zachary R.
Oakland, CA
"Outstanding product. Thanks so much."
Taylor W.
Austin, TX
"Best wax there is, myself and the Austin Facial Hair Club use it proudly. Photo credit to David Sacks Photography, taken at the 2011 National Beard & Moustache Championships in Lancaster, PA. (ended up tying for 3rd in "Moustache" category)
Joey W.
Phoenix, AZ
"Gettin' fancy with some of the Light wax!"
Miles R.
Newhall, CA
Justin B.
Wakefield, RI
"Thank you guys for an amazing wax."
Anthony J.
Long Beach, MS
"I ordered yesterday, and my wax arrived today! That was insanely fast. I thought wax was simply for appearance, but after using it, it has a functional purpose I never contemplated!"
Damien J.
Eric M.
Matthews, NC
Chris N.
Natchez, MS

"This is day two without reapplying (the Light Wax) on a wildfire in Utah. Thanks for a superior product. I've been spreading the word in the wildland fire community."
Here is a photo I took on a fire out in Alpine Texas this summer.  The stache isn't beautiful, but this is getting into the early morning on a 19 hour shift.  
Rob D.
Arroyo Grande, CA
""Waxed up my mustache in the morning and surfed after work... it came out a little misshapen, but held up to an hour's worth of salt water! I'm impressed, great stuff!"
Garrett M. 
San Diego, CA
"You wax has been doing me right so far this 'Movember.'  Big thanks! I attached a preliminary photo for you… it's only going to get better! Thanks Again!"
Doug B. 
Cleveland Heights, OH
"It took me 4 days to discipline the right side of my moustache.  Now I love the way it looks.  Thanks.
Brady A. and Matthew P.
Bothell, WA
""Brady and I, members of Jigsaw Quartet, a barbershop quartet, in the Lyric Light Opera production of The Music Man. Iowa in 1912 requires serious moustaches!"
Andrew H.
It's great, makes my tache do as it's told!!""
United Kingdom
Alan K.
"I like your wax man!!"
Chicago, IL
Eric W.
Villa Park, IL
"Thank You Firehouse Moustache Wax!"
Lucas C.
Studio City, CA
"Had some fun with my Wacky Tacky last night! Here are the results!"
Ryan F. and fellow firefighters participating in "No Shave November" at Shawnee Fire Department. 
Shawnee Mission/Olathe, Kansas
Monty H.
Godfrey, Illinois
Alex R.
Galveston, TX
"Thanks to Taylor W and the boys at the AFHC for sharing their Firehouse Moustache Wax! Definately helped me with my 1st place win!"
Earl M. - Updated picture
New Orleans Firefighter
Nello F.
Tyler B.
Firefighter/Paramedic, Gwinnett County GA  
"4 months of growing the stache and loving the Wacky Tacky wax! Keep up the good work!!"
John R.
"Here is a picture of my moustache training job. Taken here at Camp Leatherneck, Helmand Province, Afghanistan"
Andrew W.
St. Paul, MN
Stella K.
Jackson, MS
Just like her Daddy's moustache!
Been rocking the Wacky Tacky and everywhere I go I get compliments and pictures taken, even from patients I take to the hospital! Just recently went on a tandem skydive and sure enough it didn't let me down, free-falling from 15,000 feet with below freezing temps and the stache stayed put! Been recommending Firehouse Mustache Wax to everyone with a stache!

Dan W.
Fire-Fighter EMT-Enhanced
Norfolk, VA Fire-Rescue
Station 1 "C" Shift
Updated photo of FMW Owner John Pitts
Flora, MS
Hi John,
I purchased your firehouse moustache wax (Dark) and love it. I use it everyday to style my moustache. Nothing can compare to it. I will have to try the Wacky Tacky. Happy holidays and happy new year to you and your wife. Thanks John for an awesome product.

Anthony H.
Santa Ana, CA
Mark O.
Santa Barbara, CA
Well, I've been using your amazing wax for a few weeks now and it is hands down the best out there! I can't decide if I like the Dark or Wacky Tacky best. I've been getting a lot of compliments on these wicked handlebars! Thanks again and take care!

Tony G.
Lincoln, Nebraska
Christopher A.
Dallas, TX
​"I call this the "moustache mohawk" (first photo) thanks to your product, Tacky. And the next one is just fun but my job would not allow it."
Matt B.
Marion, AR
"By the way your wax is awesome and it smells great. Since I started using Firehouse about 7 or 8 months ago I was hooked. Thanks again for a great product, glad to buy something these days actually worth what it sells for." 
Aaron M.
Duluth, MN
"Thanks for a great product."
Daniel D.
Binghamton, NY
Justin Bouchard
Updated photo
Wakefield, RI
Bradley F.
Indianapolis, IN
Roger W.
Montreal, Canada
Mark C.
Dover, PA
"It's my first time growin a stache and it looks like I made the right choice going with FIREHOUSE WAX. It's the first wax I ever bought and it will be the last. There's no need to look any farther. Thanks for making such a great product."
Mark C.
Dover, PA
Updated Photo
"Just a little over 2 months and still growin. I love my Wacky Tacky."
Ed E.
Isle, MN
"Works good on the fuzzy faced dogs at Autumn Breeze Kennel."
Anthony T.
Normal, IL
"Wacky Tacky is the best, thanks for the awesome product!"
Brian S.
Atlanta, GA
"Go Jackets!"
Peter James W.
Raleigh, NC
"I just posted a semi review of your phenomenal wax in your guestbook. I just wanted to reiterate my extreme pleasure with your fine wax! Thank you (a customer for life!)"
James B.
Los Angeles, CA

Samuel H.
Aptos, CA
"Thank you FMW!"
David W.
Bethel Park, PA
"Best wax I ever used!"
Alex Z.
Ontario Canada

Jonny H.
Brighton, MA
"Thanks for the wax it's perfect!"
Patrick D.
Natchez, MS
Jim O.
Stanfield, AZ
Check out his website at:
or his Cowboy Motivation blog site at:
Scissors & Sinners Barbershop customers enjoying FMW
Lee R.
Toledo, OH
"Thanks for the wax! I will never buy another wax. Mine came today. It was like x-mas. hahah I will tell everyone. What u think about being the official wax of the Black Swamp Bristle Brothers, my beard and moustache club in Toledo, Ohio! I like this wax that much. ahaha"

Ed D.
Tacoma, WA
Jim O.
(aka Buffalo Brady)
Port Saint Lucie, FL
"Here is a picture taken of me, Buffalo Brady, today at a cowboy match in Okeechobee, FL. Temp was about 85 and humidity was about 90%. Your Wacky Tacky wax keeps my 'stache in place! I am going to End of Trail, the world cowboy shooting championships in June in high desert New Mexico, and your wax is going with me! Last time I went two years ago, I won 2nd place in the world in my category, Frontiersman (cap and ball pistols, all black powder..... just love the fire and smoke!). Your wax, my moustache, and me will hopefully be number one this time out."

Cayton W.
Bullhead City, AZ
"Got my (Dark) wax about a month ago and just bought the Wacky Tacky and a shirt! Love the Wax!"
Matthew B.
Hillsborough, NJ
"Nothing but Wacky Tacky for me."
Ray A.
Helenville, WI
"My first use of Firehouse! Looks good!!"
​Ben L.
Long Beach Fire Department, CA
"You make an excellent product! The Dark wax is hands down the best wax I've used, and I will be using only Firehouse from here on out. Thanks so much."

Scott W.
Minneapolis, MN
"Just got my Wacky Tacky in the mail today! Well done, gentlemen."
Diablo D.
Miami, FL
"Great product, love your Tacky!"
Check out his foot stompin' Delta Blues music at:
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