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Travis G.
USMC Veteran and Texas Longhorn
Austin, TX
Craig B.
Hampden, Maine
"Thanks for the wax, the Wacky Tacky has great hold. I'm really liking my new look!!"
Mike O.
Ypsilanti, Michigan
"Spikey Mike - from last Holloween! All Wacky Tacky!"
Chris J.
Birmingham, AL

I've been singing your praises on my Straight Razor Shaving forum and wanted to share my most recent post with you along with the attached photo:

Hey Guys, I thought I'd share this as a follow-up. We just got back from Hawaii (with 75-80 degree temps and 72% humidity) and the Wacky Tacky held up like a champ! Attached is a photo my daughter took at around the 2 hour mark of snorkeling and the curl stayed strong even in the ocean!

That's right, more than 2 full hours in salt water...Love it! Sorry for the picture quality.

Thank you,
John M.
Brentwood, Northern California
Los Angeles, CA

Contemporary artist descended from Late Baroque Italian painter Luca Giordano (1634 - 1705). Based in Los Angeles. "The new century is an exciting time for Art -- and Firehouse Moustache Wax is there!"
Pat L. at the 'Million Mustache March' in D.C.
Wilson, NC
​   "Recommended your wax to two Marines. 
     Love your wax."
Alex J.
Washington, PA
"I decided to make Firehouse Light Wax my first attempt at waxing my long blonde moustache amidst my big, long brown/blonde beard. All I have to say is that I need not look any further for another product or service! Lightning fast shipping, great prices and most important; GREAT LONG LASTING WAX! Will definitely be a returning customer! Thank you all at Firehouse!"
Kurt K.
Destin, FL
"The Perfect (Dark & Tacky) Wax...A job well done on creating a great product."

I am a former graphic artist for NASA. I can do artwork from your pictures. I am very reasonable, and all work guaranteed to please, or you pay nothing. Proof sent to you before you pay a dime.

I can do several medium effects from abstract watercolor, to oil, line drawings etc. Just send me a picture or e-mail me for more information:

Thanks for considering me,

Gene Howard
He does excellent work and uses the money to appear at VA hospitals and homes free! Send him your pic and let him show you what he can do!
* Photo is of FMW customer Todd M., USAF and otherwise known as Capt. McStache.

Gabriel the Gun
Los Angeles, CA
"Thanks for making such a great product ... 
you guys rock!"
Logan R.
Louisville, KY

"Happy Easter Firehouse!

...and thank you Wacky Tacky for resurrecting my stache the past 5 years."
Charlie P.
Liverpool, NY
"Firehouse Mustache Wax is the best :D
The ladies tend to agree too, he he he"

Matthew T. and Delfi M.
Pocatello, ID
"Reppin' the Firehouse in the kitchen."
Tyler H.
Nashville, TN
"Cannot see the 'stache very well here (better in the 2nd photo), but your wax was proudly worn when I won the INBF Natural Buckeye Classic Bodybuilding Teen class in April 2011. ...Another contest I was interviewed about the stache, thanks to you. Your product works wonders."
Stephen 'Dash' B.
Richmond, VA
"Tried something new today."
Matthew L.
Summerville, SC
"Got the Firehouse Wax in yesterday. It's now trimmed and waxed...and looking pretty badass!!"
Troy P.
Witchita Falls, TX
"Thanks for a great product."
John E.
Houston, TX
"Your wax is great stuff. I use both the Dark and the Tacky, depending on how I wear my mustache."
Robert P.
Denton, TX
"Used Wacky Tacky before going on a mud and fire filled Warrior Dash in North Texas.
It made the grade through the race and the post race firehose shower.  
Thanks, Firehouse."

Mike S.
Spokane, WA
"My first outing with Firehouse Wax. I got the Wacky Tacky and it's my new favorite. Well done waxsmiths, well done indeed."
Anthony F.
Lawton, OK
"Got my first tin of Wacky Tacky. It's stronger than a tiger. I don't think I'll ever use anything else. Thanks, John!"
"Mike Farrell, creator of Amazed Installations, here with tins and a calculator attempting to map out a beehive to be made with 500 tins. It took over 20 masonic-like calculations to come up with a hive that used 499." (See video below.)
Great shot of some of the 500 FMW tins used to create a beehive at Amazed Installations "Let Down Your Hair Event" in April.
Check out the cool beehive made from FMW tins! Thanks to Mike Farrell of Amazed Installations that was the creative genius behind it all! They put on a quite a 'hairy' event showing their five different artistic displays with the FMW tin beehive being one of them. 
John C.
Longwood, MS
"After trying several products, I finally ordered a tin of the wacky tacky nectar of the gods of manliness! It got me pepped up! Plus I had no idea this awesome stuff is made an hour and a half from where I live! Thank you for creating the perfect facial hair enhancer John!"
Hiram M.
New York, NY
"Here is a pic with your wax in action. Just love it so. Thanks." 
Redondo Beach, CA
"Need I say more...."
Lt. Shane C., PIO
High Falls, GA
"Got my Wacky Tacky last week. Holds fast and fine through all my work on the farm. Love it."
James G.
Chillicothe, OH
"Definitely a conversation starter."
James R.
Magalia, CA
"Started using the wacky tacky a few weeks ago and love the stuff!.. Best wax I've used thus far."
Franklin B.
Huntington Beach, CA
Collin A.
Adams, MA
"Just got my Wacky Tacky wax today, and I have to say this is the best wax that I have ever used hands down! It was so quick and easy to apply and get my stache styling exactly how I wanted it. I have tried at least 4 other brands of mustache wax but none of them remotely compare. Most waxes are too soft and leave an oily residue yet others are too hard and are a pain to apply. Firehouse is the perfect combination of both. I have literally not been this excited about my mustache in a while now so I thank you for making an amazing product!"
Steven R.
Colorado Springs, CO
"Thank you for the (Light) wax kind sir."

Patrick D.
Austin, TX
"I used your wax for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I have to say, it was a real eye-opener! The Wacky Tacky is by far superior to any wax I have used before....I've attached a picture of myself from a small moustache competition.  (I won my category!)"
Check out 'Patrick's Beard and the Rusty Razors' foot stompin' band at: 

Joseph H.
Apple Valley, CA
Frank Perry
Medford, MA
First Photo: Daniel G. San Pedro, CA

Second Photo: Daniel's 9 year old son Sebastian who is working hard on growing his 'stache. A little magic Moustache Elixir always helps!
Tommy T.
Smiths Station, AL
"My handlebar moustache is coming along nicely thanks to the Wacky Tacky."
Jon B. using the Tacky wax
Washington DC Fire Dept.
Erik J. using the Light wax
Doug W. (DC Fireman) using the Tacky
Washington D.C.
Jeff L.
Savannah, GA
"Jamming to some swamp blues at Hucapoo's... Oh and I'm rocking a Savannah F.D. t-shirt..."
Jonathan M. (right) and friend Bob D. using Wacky Tacky. Both in the Hawthorne Cabelleros Drum & Bugle Corps.
Lititz, PA
Don V.
Mantorville, MN
"My tin of Firehouse (Dark) arrived today - pretty happy with the results the first time around!"
Jordan R.
Mesa, AZ
Michael A.
Milwaukee, WI
"I finally let myself post a pic up here. I feel like it's the "Mona Lisa" of moustaches... it's never finished or shall I say grown out how I want it to be. Well nevertheless, here ya go. I'm a little biased but it's still dashing in it's own way. I've been using the "Dark" and "Wacky Tacky" since February and I love both of them. My lady actually ordered them for me as a gift when I was talking about 'stache wax one night. I did research and said I'd go with "Firehouse" because of your website reviews and other source reviews. Plus I liked your story about how it came about. Lastly, you're a small U.S. company which I love supporting and of course your hero-esq profession. Being a former active duty Marine, It's awesome! Soo much to say... so back to the wax... Great hold, not too much of a glossy finish when dried and nice honey tobacco like smell. A little tough to apply and take out at first but nothing practice, shampoo and hot water can't handle. Thanks again, John, Firehouse Moustache Wax is one spectacular product! -sent from somewhere around "Brew City" Milwaukee, WI.
Paul V.
Chicago, IL
Matt Z.
Palmetto, FL
Josh S.
Charlotte, NC
"My Wacky Tacky holds up in extreme heat behind my welding helmet."
Thom G.
Holland, MI
"Heat wave in Michigan and still looking good. Thanks!"
Cody R.
Dallas, TX
"I'm Cody, from Texas. I'm mixed (black, white and Latino), so my moustache is rather thick, difficult to tame. Thank goodness for Firehouse Moustache Wax! Here we see it's still holding up pretty well, even after hours of exposure to the elements."
Miles R.
Newhall, CA

"Chops"- Owner of Chops Barbershop
333 South Front St., Harrisburg, PA
"Firehouse held up in the NE heat wave!"
Richard H.
Philadelphia, PA
"They say that if you are going to grow one, do it right and then keep it right! I grew my first mustache at age 60 and then discovered your superb wax to care for it! I could not be more pleased with the results of your great product. Having a mustache has been great fun and your Firehouse Wax is the secret to its proper care. Perhaps you can add my photo to your gallery of satisfied clients? I would be honored to be part of your growing list of clients. I refer your product to anyone who asks how I keep my mustache looking so proper. With many thanks."
Chris K.
West Allis, WI
"Just placed another (Dark wax) order. I still get a lot of questions at the brewery about how I keep my mustache looking so well groomed. I always whip out my tin to show 'em. Always willing to share to anybody who hasn't sampled your fine product, as well. I've been promising a picture for a couple of years now... Finally, here is one for you."

Charles D. NR-CCEMTP
Newark, NY

My name is Chuck Drollette and I am a Nationally Registered Critical Care Paramedic from Newark NY and I want to give you a pic for your website. I LOVE your product. It truly has out performed some much much more expensive competitors and I also love your belief in helping others. I hope this picture allows you to show one more first responder who believes whole heartedly in your product. Thank you so much for doing what you are, and keep up the great product line.

Eric T.
Phoenix, AZ
"Holding strong in the Phoenix heat."
Paul N.
Indian Orchard, MA
"Styling with the Wacky Tacky."
In appreciation of our military and all they do, we send our wax free to anyone on active duty.  To say thanks, Aerial Gunner Todd was kind enough to send us this photo and flag, which we proudly display. How cool is that?!
"Thanks for your support, from left to right MSgt Joel H. Flight Engineer, SMSgt Todd P. Aerial Gunner, SSgt J.D. H. Flight Engineer. In the background is a Russian built Mi-17 in which we train our part of an Air Mentor Team to train the Afghan Air Force (AAF) crews. We flew this Flag. Was flown for you on missions up the Kunar valley and will be on the way shortly. 

Thanks again 

SMSgt Todd P.
​Aerial Gun Advisor"
Jherek S.
Tacoma, WA
Patrick S.
Delhi, NY
"Wacky Tacky is the bomb!"
Steven F.
Milliken, CO
"Mustache March competition winner!!"
Eric H. (right)
Yuba City, CA
​"I took first place in the FOOLS International Mustache Competition up in Alaska last month. The judge was George Haskins a two time World Runner Up. Thanks to the Wacky Tacky for the "support"
Eddie L.
Lawrence, MA
"I'm loving the (Dark) wax. Best wax out there."
Damien J.
"Let it grow 3 months. Time to shave."
Trevor J.
Westchester, IL
"Thanks for the (Dark) wax! So far its held through two concerts!"
Rik H.
Jackson, MS
"Can't be anything better than FIREHOUSE WAX, I love it!"
Tony C.
"Ready to go Cowboy Action shooting, have my mustache waxed with FIREHOUSE WAX. It even handles the Oklahoma summers."
Brian W.
"I am a new mustache man. I have never tried to grow one but I am directing a film in the near future and my production partner said that I needed to have some facial hair to fit the part. So here I am at 9 weeks and this is where I'm at. I bought some Clubman wax at first and could tell right away that it was not going to do the trick. I did some research and came across your product. Since I have 3 firemen in my family, naturally I gave yours a shot. I absolutely love the product. I use the Wacky Tacky and it is perfect for the hold I need. I don't know how long the 'stache is going to stay, but as long as I have one I will continue to use your product. Thanks."
Graham H.
Toronto, Canada
"Great Product!"
​Alexandre L.
Montréal, QC
"Your wax is the best for any parade, come rain or come shine."
Richard P.
"Great product for great staches!"
Jacob M.
Council Bluffs, IA

Robert T.
Broken Arrow, OK
LeRoy K.
Springfield, MA

"I used to do the pencil thin handlebar moustache but over the last
several years I've grown the moustache to something larger. I used to
trim the middle short so not to get in the mouth. Now with the Wacky
Tacky I'm growing it out into the rest of my creation. Fantastic product."

Patrick B.
Hong Kong
Andrew L.
Southgate, MI
"Just got my (Light) wax today, what a great product !! :3 "
Jeremy C.
Kalamazoo, MI
"Wacky Tacky is the best!"
Thomas G.
Eagan, MN
Bicycle Mechanic
Brandon O.
Charlotte, NC
"Wacky tacky served me well during my 14,000 ft freefall."
Patrick D.
Austin, TX
"I got 2nd in a competition last weekend using your wax!"
Chase B.
Glenwood Springs, CO
"At Dead Horse Point, Utah. Light wax is holding up well!"
Michael J.
Columbia Heights, MN
"Minnesota State Moustache Champ. Thanks, FIREHOUSE!"
For Halloween this year, I curled my mustache and went Western. Thanks for making such a great product.
Justin from Texas
Brian B.

I am a member of the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry (WR) 13th Battalion Ceremonial Guard. We are all current serving soldiers in the Canadian Army, who on top of our regular duties also parade in the uniform worn when our Regiment was first formed in 1862 in Hamilton Ontario. We are not re-enactors, but real soldiers who demonstrate the foot drill, tactics and weapons handling drills of the 1862 period, using period weapons and equipment. Those of us with period mustaches swear by Wacky Tacky Firehouse Mustache Wax!!
Joey S.
Elk Grove, CA
"Thank you again!"
Alfredo F.
British Columbia
"Because a moustache is for life, not only for Movember..."
Jerry L.
Pinellas Park, FL
Tim H.
Crooks, SD
"Firehouse Moustache Wax even stands up to my grandson."
Chris S.
"Thank you for making such a fine wax product. I use the Tacky wax all the time. Thanks again!"

Tom C.
Milwaukee, WI

"Just wanted to let you know how much I love your product. I've tried before to style my moustache using other products, and I've always given up in frustration. My wife loves a styled, twirling moustache, but I couldn't make it happen. I finally tried Wacky Tacky, and I can't believe how easy it is to use. I was finally able to adopt the "look" I've wanted for some time, loosing most of my beard and styling what's left. I even got the courage to get rid of the sad remnants of my hair and go with the shaven look. My wife loves it, but says the moustache is what holds the look together. I just ordered two more tins today. Thanks for putting out a great product."
Anthony R.
Corona, CA
"Here's a picture from the 2012 National Beard and Moustache Championship. Me in the Imperial Moustache category with a finely styled moustache thanks to Firehouse! Unfortunately I did not win. 
Michael R.
Philadelphia, PA
"I love the (Dark & Tacky) wax! I've attached a couple of pictures with your fine wax in full effect in case you want to add them to the picture gallery on the site: one of me, and one of me and my Dad. Thanks again."
Doug W.
Washington, DC
"Past several fires I didn't have the wax in. I did yesterday, first due truck. We got the front door knock at the firehouse, no tones. Lt. called the box in after we had already started to go to work. Couple rooms and small back porch off. Engine made a good stop. Other firemen were asking how my mustache was still pretty much in place. Good job, buddy."
Juan G.
Santa Ana, CA
"So I received the new wax that you sent me a few days ago. All I have to say is that it's awesome! Thanks to your wax my handlebars look great. Thanks again, you're the best."
Heather S.
Lancaster, PA
"Like mine?? The wax works nicely!!"
Alex W.
"Cadbury Chocolate Ad Campaign: This is the new face of Cadbury chocolate Australia. All thanks to Tacky!"
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Capt. Prince & Wacky Tacky Wax
Flowood, MS

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