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Renaan D.
Anaheim, CA
"Got 25 last night in the storm making the stache look good. You guys need to sponsor me already. lol"
Renaan D.
Anaheim, CA
"Pouring Rain all night, 30 degree temperatures, but my mustache still held strong enough for me to catch my biggest bug of the season. Solid 10 lb'r."
Dan K.
Owner of 2nd Floor Vintage
Durham, NC
"Dan of 2nd Floor Vintage, fine purveyors of Firehouse Mustache Wax."
Jacob C.
Duncanville, TX
Check him out on Vine, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
                  His photographer wife took the photo:
"I love your wax and currently use it daily! Thanks for providing such a great styling product to hairy men everywhere, and I wish exceeding success to you and your family."
Todd S.
Colorado Springs, CO
"I wanted to share a recent photo of my mustache during a half marathon race. The weather was very cold, my mustache was frozen, and actually had ice dripping from my handlebar. Thanks for developing a rocking wax. This stuff stays on and keeps my stash looking great in all conditions."

Robert S.
Fruitland Park, FL
Matthew B.
Sands Twp. (MI) Fire Department
"Just wanted to say thanks for a great product, just ordered another tin of Wacky Tacky today. I'm a volunteer firefighter and an iron miner by trade, and nothing holds the 'stache in place as well as your wax! Keep up the good work, and stay safe!"

Jay R.
Madison, MS
Love my Firehouse Wax! What every stash needs. Thanks so much."
Ogden, UT
"Wacky Tacky is the way to go."
Ben B.
Bradenton, FL
"Using the Dark!"
John B.
Lubbock, TX
"The 'stache." (Posted by his wife)
Garrick P.
"Three months of growing, finally got some Wacky Tacky -- Awesome stuff."
Dakota H.
Reseca, GA
Just finished my first Tin of the dark and received my first Tin of Tacky about 10 min ago the mail ran and had to try it . I can't say enough about the product. Tames my stache far better with the little bit of length I'm gaining. THANKS FIREHOUSE !!!!""
Renaan D.
Anaheim, CA
"Had a crappie day fishing the other day, but my stache still looks good, and that's all that matters. :)"
Ciarrghe M.
Washington state
"Over the top? or, just some joker having his fun? Either guys put out a kick as product! Thanks, FIREHOUSE MOUSTACHE WAX! You keep putting out your awesome product, and I'll try to stay out of jail!!!!!"
Renaan D.
Anaheim, CA
"The hooks on my stache are so stiff cause of your product, I bet I could have hooked this bass with it!"
Victor C.
San Diego Fire-Rescue
"Thanks for the great wax! I use it exclusively."

Thee Bluebeard
"Mates, I just ordered some more wax for my super powered mustache and a giant rainbow appeared off the bow of my ship. A white dove landed on the rails with a bite of laurel in its beak. Then a hawk swooped in and snapped him right off the ship with nothing remaining but a single dorsal feather with a tattoo of an anchor on it. 2 seconds later both birds crashed onto the deck rolling around, duking it out. That's when a 15 foot tall mermaid ripped from the ocean over the fore deck and rained down gold foil chocolates and coffee samplers from a new under-sea coffee chain called "Poseidon's 100 Thousand Ship Wrecks".
Well, we were all pretty surprised as we smiled for the next 10 years until the fight finally ended between the hawk and the white dove with a grand wedding. Seems the hawk was a lady looking for a real man and the dove was her going to be mate for life. I bid them good luck and gave them a brand new can of FIREHOUSE MUSTACHE WAX before they flew off with a mighty gust and the clouds were wooshed up into the shape of a giant heart with an anchor in the middle.
No one should ever go without. So I gave some to the entire mer kingdom which is actually a democracy now. WACKY TACKY for every undersea citizen!
And to this day THAT is why I always order EXTRA cans of wacky tacky. I hand this stuff out when folks ask how I get my mustache to do what it does. Many sharp men are even sharper now for what I have granted them.

Thank you Firehouse. You're a grand bunch of men and women and I'm proud to represent you! Live life to the crust mates!!

~ Thee Bluebeard"
Jacob C.
Atlanta, GA
"Best wax I've used so far...Tacky!!!"
Bret O.
Salisbury, NC
"Tried a new style today. Turned out well I think. Thanks to Firehouse Moustache Wax: Tacky for styling aid."
Brandon H.
Tarpon Springs, FL
"Wacky Tacky held up just fine in the extreme mud and dust while off roading in Mexico."
Renaan D.
Anaheim, CA
"Just wanted to say that your product even held up to 'the storm of the century' we had over here in Southern California this past weekend. I was out at sea for 24 hours and never had the need to reapply. Oh, and btw, I have crabs. :) "
Patrick D.
Updated photo
Natchez, MS
James R. 
Wildland Firefighter
Bozeman, MT
Dan K. (posted by Debi K) Both fine retailers of our product.
2nd Floor Vintage Store
Raleigh, NC
"Here's Dan, from 2nd floor Vintage (located inside of Father & Son Antiques) in Raleigh NC!! A little photo editing app was used in the making of this image, but I can assure you, that stache is the real deal!! Wacky Tacky is the bomb!!"
Anthony D.
San Diego, CA
"Love that Wacky Tacky"
Rusty R. and Craig L.
Georgetown, MA
"How's that for a pair?"
Craig L.
Georgetown, MA
​"Felt the need to give you a solo shot after Rusty sent in our group photo."
Marcelo R.
Costa Rica
"Updated photo from Costa Rica. Thanks for your product. Cheers."
Judson Swindle
Richland Hills, TX
"Love the wax, this is after leaving it in while trying to sleep over night... Firehouse Dark."
Charles B.
North Liberty, IA
"I have tried Clubman, gel, glue, curling irons. Wacky tacky and a kent comb get the best style and hold. I always keep the can in my pocket. Thanks for a good product."
 "Oklahoma Fire Pipes & Drums
Timmy, Gary, & Michael proudly use Firehouse Mustache Wax!"
Michael D.
Lubbock, TX
"Greetings from Lubbock"
Terry C.
Jefferson, MD
Jared S.
Gilroy, CA
"Hey FIREHOUSE MOUSTACHE WAX, the last photo I sent you I had just finished a motorcycle ride and the wax kept my moustache looking great. I thought of a better test. I just went SCUBA diving in Grand Cayman and didn't want to wash out my wax before I went. Here's a picture from 85 feet underwater."
"It works great! Here is a picture, been using it and feels great!"
Roy G.
Crowley, TX
"Ginger POWER!!!"
Jareese N.
Vista, CA
Just got a new tin of that good stuff! 
#wackytacky #firehousemustachewax #bestwaxever #moustachelife #moustachemen #repectthestache
Matt J.
Miami, FL
"Good stuff."
Ryan G.
Louisville, KY
"The strongest of holds."
Adrien S.
Denver, CO
"On break from work. . Electrician"
Jeff H.
Cumming, GA
"Just started my first handlebars in December. I've tried a couple of different 'store' brands of wax but was disappointed in their performance. After reading the reviews of F.M.W. I decided to give it a go and have been very happy with the results. So much so, I felt obligated to include a picture of my 'bars for your gallery."
Cameron C.
Philadelphia, PA
"Yesterday's #mustache experiment... #wackytackyFTW. Really enjoying your awesome products! It's the first mustache/beard wax that has actually been able to bench press my handlebar. Thanks!"

Ryan W.
Johnson City, NY
Jed C.
Minot, ND
"Works great, Wacky Tacky"
Jareese N.
Vista, CA
"I love #firehousemustachewax. It keeps me and my moustache #dapper and all the folks at the gym I work at, especially the older crowd, love it!! I'm going to continue to spread the word about the BEST wax ever!! Tacky baby!!"
Peter P.
Plymouth, MI
"Thanks to the Wacky Tacky moustache wax I finally grew my stache out the way I wanted. Thanks!"
'J.R.' J.
Sacramento Fireman
Janesville, CA

Alfonso R.
"I present my mustache. Thank you very much."
Mark R.
Pensacola, FL
"FIREHOUSE MOUSTACHE WAX has been my product of choice for the past 15-years. A combination of dark and tacky is what I use daily, to maintain some curly to down right kinky whiskers into a handlebar mustache that gets me a lot of notice. Your product literally held it together for me during the Emerald Coast Beard & Mustache Alliance 's 1st annual membership drive and beard competition. It was an important part of my "Best in Show" effort. I would like to extend my thanks to the support Firehouse has given the Alliance over the past year; here is where two worthy charity causes are working together.  ;-})>"
John B.
Wixom, MI
Steve K.
Lima, OH
"Love the wax guys. Keep it up!!"
"Thanks for the wax, it worked very well. From Argentina."
Dave D.
Waco, TX
"Playing with both Tacky and Light, they are working great for me!"
Roger P.
Lacey, WA
"Rockin the Wacky Tacky!"
Heriberto M.
McAllen, TX
"The best product out there with the BEST HOLD!"
Brian P.
Norton Shores, MI
"Using the Tacky and really enjoying the results. Thanks."
Adam M.
United Kingdom
"A trip on the trains helped by your good selves."
Robert S.
Fruitland Park, FL
"Tacky saves my ass! Thanks Firehouse. Best stuff around. Been with you guys since I started handle-bar'n!"
Jareese N.
Vista, CA
"Once again, I love #firehousemustachewax! This stuff is AWESOME and keeps me dapper!"
Jareese N.
Vista, CA
"Here's what it looked like after my hockey game tonight! All the guys on the other team came up to me after and were saying "Nice stache bro, but how the heck does it stay up like that during and even after the game"! Then I told them, it's thanks to #Firehousemoustachewax !"
Graham C.
British Columbia, Canada
"The best wax in the business — at 150 Mile House, British Columbia"
Michael C.
Cleveland, OH
"I've been growing this since November 1, 2013 and just won the best mustache contest at the Fantastic Cleveland Tweed Ride on April 26, 2014. Love the Dark wax."
Mark R.
Banner Elk, NC
"Another ski day......a bit cold. You have a great product (Dark wax). Keep up the good work."
Jim V.
"Rock'n Firehouse last night. ~Beard Commander"
Jeffrey S.
Indianapolis, IN
"Absolutely can't live without this product."
Rickey C.
Canton, GA
"This is the first time in my 60 years I ever tried to grow a handlebar mustache. Here it is at 11weeks. Your wax is only wax I use. Wacky Tacky"
Brian D.
Hickory, NC
"You folks make a great product. It really holds up well in the NC heat and humidity. Here's a photo from Hickory, NC. Anyway, it's a great product and the news video on your site was really cool."

Darren B. with Jesse Hughes of the band 'Eagles of Death Metal'
"“The Moustache Rollercoaster”
Me, my friend Matt and Jesse Hughes (Eagles of Death Metal, Boots Electric)" 
Jareese N.
Vista, CA
"Went to a fashion show yesterday benefiting a local hospital, and thanks to #firehousemustachewax I had that extra touch of dapper! ;) #dapper #dapperlife #moustache #mustachelife #handlebarmoustache #wackytacky"
James J.
Backpacking in Peru
"After 4 days and 3 nights high in the Andes mountains with wind and rain, Wacky Tacky held up. I did not have a chance to even touch it up. Thanks for a great product."
Jason M.
Victoria, Texas
Victoria Fire Department, Station 2, B Shift
"Tacky wax riding back seat on a pumper! Awesome wax!"
Zach A.
Minneapolis, MN
"I just wanted to say thanks for making such a great mustache wax. It works better than anything I have tried and I keep coming back. The Wacky Tacky is the best on the market hands down. Thanks again."
Alex R.
Leesville, LA
Rick C.
Ft. Wayne, IN
"Still looking good after a color run!"
Spud T.
Kingston, UK
"Absolutely lovin' the Wacky Tacky Wax! Aaaaaall the waaaay from the UK!!!...This stuff stands the test of sweaty Doublebass Slappin' antics! Gonna order some more to take on tour!"
Ed K.
St. Peters, MO
"I just received my can of old number 10 light in the mail today. This wax works great. Thanks Mr. Pitts."
Daniel H.
Boulder, CO
"My 3 yr old loves my mustache and Sponge Bob. She saw this shirt and almost peed herself. I work for the Boulder Fire Dept in Boulder Co. So I had to try your wax and I won't use anything else. It works and looks great. Thanks."
Doug R.
Annapolis, MD
"Firehouse Moustache Wax. Standing on the back of Truck Company 36 as the Tillerman."
Karl W.
Oceanside, CA
"Still lovin' the wacky tacky moustache wax. Firehouse wax is the only way to do a moustache !!!"
Michael C.
Hudson, OH
"Six hardy souls completed 106 miles with most of it in a driving rain. My mustache even held its shape for the full duration with FHMW Dark."
Alex R. 
Leesville, LA
Dan H.
Dubuque, IA
"Love the Wacky Tacky."
Marcelo R.
Costa Rica
"FireHouse Forever. Cheers"
Darren K.
Sana Rosa, CA
1st day using our wax
Darren K.
Santa Rosa, CA
Couple months later: "Been using your wax for awhile now, it's some good stuff. Don't do the full curl often though."
Ray T.
Updated Photo

Chris M.
Los Angeles, CA
I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your product and how quickly you mailed it to me. I've been using it for a few months now and I get all the attention anywhere I go (thanks to my perfect curls). I always recommend your product whenever I talk to a fellow moustache-ian. Anyways, thanks for the great wax!"
Kevin M.
Stillwater, OK
"Firehouse WackyTacky is the best wax around. Thanks for a great product. Cheers"
Erik de W.
Santino M.
Dewy Beach, DE
"Great weekend for Firehouse in Dewey Beach, DE. Your wax has held up to the test with water slides, wing eating contests and helped with winning a mustache contest!"

Daniel H.
Montrose, CO
"I am third from the left. I won longest mustache, twisting the tips villain style with Firehouse Mustache Wax yesterday evening — at Montrose County Fair & Rodeo. There is also a picture of me on the Montrose Daily Press website today."
Dan the Brewmaster
Gettysburg, PA
"Dan the Brewmaster from 'Battlefield Brew Works Spirits of Gettysburg' here. Love the wacky Tacky!"
Austin M.
St. Cloud, MN
"So funny story is I sent you a pic and you helped me find the color of wax I needed. Both tins work great! Totally mixed up/wore off the labels, so I have no idea if I'm grabbing Wacky or the Dark... Ha. Thanks guys. Really impresses everyone when I say I was able to wake up with this as yesterstache.... And that I even caught a shower with it maintaining proud curls. Thx guys! Keep yo curls tight!"
Judson S.
Richland Hills, TX
"Still loving the Firehouse Dark. Been working outside in Texas heat for an hr on my day off and held true."
Daniel B.
Chattanooga, TN
"My 'satche holds up well with FIREHOUSE MOUSTACHE WAX!"
Jareese N.
Vista, CA
"Once again this stuff is amazing. Dudes stop me all the time and ask what I use and of course the answer is Firehouse Moustache Wax Wacky Tacky!!"
Marc S.
"Loving the 'Wacky Tacky'!"
Bennett H. - updated photo
Madison, MS
Tom Z.
Corning, NY
"I usually use known fellon wax. But the last week has been humid and hot. Tried Firehouse and man this stuff holds. Very impressed!!...Will continue to use FHMW. Holds all day with no issues and I only have to use a tiny bit too!"
Jannon B.
"Looking fresh for work. Thanks guys."
Andrew L.
Cottage Grove, WI
"I love the Dark wax. So smooth with great hold. — at Stache Cave."
Santa Fe, NM
"First off, I want to offer my thanks and compliments for creating such a great moustache wax. I bought a tin of the Wacky Tacky over a year ago and have been using it ever since. I still have a month's left of the tin, but it's time to replenish it so that I may continue to keep my moustache in good form."

R.G. "Handlebar Slim"
Madison Heights, VA
"Thanks for the (Light) wax! You will always have me for a customer."
Colum S.
Ypsilanti, MI
"I picked up some Firehouse Moustache Wax at the recommendation of an employee at Maison Edwards Tobacconist in Ann Arbor, MI, and I couldn't be happier. One application when I wake up keeps my moustache in check all day. I can't wait to try the Wacky Tacky I ordered."
R.G. aka 'Handlebar Slim'
Madison Heights, VA
"Thanks for the wax. I love the way your wax holds up all day at a cowboy fast draw match."
Kirk H.
Maricopa, AZ
"Thanks Firehouse. The Wacky Tacky is outstanding."
Kevin H.
Maricopa, AZ
Barry S.
Donnellson, IA
"Sir, this is the finest wax I have ever used! I started with your product when I grew the stache, but I strayed to another. I'm back for good now! Enclosed is a picture after a 100 mile ride on the scooter! Thanks for a GREAT product!​"
Jim H.
Barber in Jacksonville, FL
"Just a pic of my stache using your fine product."