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Brothers Michael & Jamie K.
Oshkosh, WI
Philadelphia, PA
Gary W. promoting FMW to friend Chris
Seattle, WA
Jason B.
Fort Worth, TX
Competing in Moustache May
Kevin T, Firefighter/Paramedic
Camden County Fire/Rescue
Camden County, GA
Greg P. with his son Tristan at Stonehenge
(his moustache holding firm in the wind!)
Toulouse, France
Cole T.
Madison, MS
Jeff H.
Galveston, TX
Jeff B.
First application of the wax for the start of his 'stache quest
Pickerington, OH
Bill H.
Dover, NH
Matt P. with his father
"This (Dark) wax will hold anything."
"This wax worked even better once I started using a mustache comb."
Breckenridge, CO
Ian G.
I have used ¾ of my first tin of Light and am ready to order more!! I am very impressed with the hold and the endurance of Firehouse Moustache Wax. It lasts all shift no matter what the (Canadian) weather sends my way. Keep up the good work.
Ontario, Canada
Savas A.
Phoenix, AZ
Travis A.
Austin, TX
Andrew E.
Missoula, MT
Eric S.
Thanks to you both for the fantastic waxes you make! I don't think I would survive without my Wacky-Tacky- it keeps the points on my mustache looking good all day.
San Francisco, CA
"Von Munster"
Albany, OR

Sean D.
Amarillo, TX
"Hardcore Wax!! Wacky Tacky held up against 120 mph winds."
Thomas H.
Byrdstown, TN
Nathan F.
Flagstaff, AZ
Dan S.
Austin, TX
Updated Photos of Brian "Clur" McClure
Journeyman Lineman
 West Point, MS
Brian's stache in action!
Carlo K. as Santa Edson, firefighter with just a stache and no beard, & most recent picture
Alberta Canada
Robert M.
"Myself ready to go wild on bagpipes and all dolled up with Firehouse Moustache Wax.  Love the stuff!" 
New Bedford, MA
 Bill B.
Pace, FL
Jon W. wearing Wacky Tacky at the European Cane Championships 2010
Cambridge, United Kingdom
Jordan N. with his good friend Dan
Reno, NV
"Jordan here, the guy with the bubble room, attached is a pic of my stash. I started re-growing it about a month ago,  The tin of Wacky Tacky I have is still going strong. I was in a sailing accident recently and our sailboat sank down to davy jones locker L. When the recovery divers brought it back up a week later one of the things I found entombed in the mud inside the boat was my tin of Wacky Tacky! The label is gone and it has a few rust spots but it was still dry inside! And as you can see still works just fine. Also our video on you tube is getting tons of comments about Dan’s stash. If you have a sec you should read through them. They are pretty funny.                                                                                                                                                     ( We also put a link on our website to yours (hope that’s cool). We had so many people asking how Dan keeps his stash looking good 20’ underwater we had to put it into our frequently asked questions!  Check it out let me know what you think!!"

Also check out Jordan's other interesting websites:
Danny V.
South Lake Tahoe, CA
Justin T.
"Love the wax, been using it for a year now."
Covina, CA
Greg P.
Moustache holding up after Toronto Marathon Race
Kingston, Ontario

Jim W.
Kerhonkson, NY
Wow, I'm so in love with the product. Hell, your company is wonderful. I purchased it on a Sun. night, got an email 1st thing Mon. morning & it was shipping out that day. On Wed. afternoon it was in my mail box.
The smell is suttle, but nice. The texture is wonderful.
This is my 1st time having a moustache, in 5 or 6 months I'll send new pictures of how it's grown.
Thanks a lot.
Joshua F.
Springfield, IL.
Here are a couple of pictures of me using you're (wacky tacky) wax. The Pirate picture was at my first beard & mustache competition where I was champion of the partial beard category!! Once again thank you for such a wonderful product.
Justin M.
Eugene, OR
Nick D.
Los Angeles, CA
Arthur H.
Kent, WA
Andrew V.
Atwood, KS
Owen D.
Chippewa Falls, WI
Tom, Terry, Chris and Aaron
Terry, Tom, Chris, Dave and Aaron
Tom, Terry and Chris (from left to right) grooming their 'staches with Firehouse Moustache Wax. (notice Tom holding up our wax tin!)

These are all pictures of Chicago Firemen. Tragically, Chris died in the line of duty this past year. We wanted to include two links in memory and honor of him.  We know he will be sorely missed by family, friends and his fellow brothers at the firestation. ~Rest in Peace.~

Great article about Chris that shows his passion as a firefighter and life in general:

Photos on his amazing and well-deserved sendoff by the Chicago Fire Department. (look for photos down the right side of the page):

Nicky Jay M.
Venice Beach, CA
Your wax works wonders!
Danjio Lopez

Wayo M.
Laredo, TX
Jim M.
San Diego, CA
Tucker B.
Minneapolis, MN
"Trying my new tin out, great hold 
for the day ahead."
Jake M.
St. Louis, MO
Loving my tin of "tacky" wax. Truly an excellant product!
David F.
Torrington, CT
Blaine C.
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Robert M.
San Diego, CA
"Finally retired military, and can now grow the mustache I've always dreamed of.  Here is my first pic with my Wacky Tacky. Thanks Firehouse."
Mike N.
Chippewa Falls, WI
Gabe S.
Brooklyn, NY & United Kingdom
Josiah B. & Lt. J. Griffin
C-shift, Dept. 15, Station 151
New Caney, TX
Mike B.
Cincinnati, OH
Jereme K & Michael B.
Madison Fire Dept.
Madison, MS
Danny S.
Fruitland, ID
Matthew T.
Pocatello, ID
"The Tacky is a great wax. Holds strong when standing over a hot grill all day!"
Brandon K.
Hewlett, NY
Mike K.
Plymouth, MA
"I have used and enjoyed your (Light wax) product. Thanks for putting out a damn good wax for my mustache, it's the only stuff that will tame this beast of a mustache. Thanks again."
Joseph B.
Chicago, IL
Capt. Prince
Flowood, MS Fire Dept.
San Antonio, TX
"Firehouse Mustache Wax is the best of all the other waxes I've tried! I'm sticking with this one. Thanks for a great product!"

Jerry D.
Fayetteville, WV
Michael K.
Detroit, MI
Tim W.
LaPorte, IN
Kellum S.
Jacksonville, FL
Ronald W. & Phillip W.
Wax held up at 200 mph
Talladega Superspeedway
Zac Z.
Fireman in Aurora, CO
Dan B. 
Congrats on your precious baby boy!
Atlanta, GA
Chris W.
Beaumont, Alberta, Canada
Updated photo of Colin D.
Christchurch, New Zealand
Curt F.
Bert M. III
Boston, MA
"It's not just for moustaches."
"You guys helped me win 1st place in Boston and 2nd in Detroit."
FMW says 
Michael H.
Carson City, NV
Sam D.
Alamogordo, NM
Matthew Y. and his lovely wife
"Another funny pic taken inside the Cincinnati Museum Center. A diorama about life on riverfront in the late 1800’s."
Mike B. 
Cincinnati, OH
Pictures from The Dennis T. Davis Memorial Bike Ride
Queens, New York
Look at these fine 'staches with their Firehouse Moustache Wax swag!
Group of riders for the 30 mile bike ride fundraiser
The moustache champion!

The theme every year for the Dennis T. Davis Memorial Bike Ride is "moustaches" in honor of the charity's namesake who had a fantastic "Rollie Fingers" moustache. The charity is under the umbrella of the Lusgarten Foundation, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to funding pancreatic cancer research. The bike ride itself is a 30 mile journey that tracks much of Dennis' life travelling from Manhattan into Brooklyn and finally ending in Queens. Below is a picture of Dennis and his 'Rollie Fingers' moustache.
In Memory of Dennis T. Davis
Hey! I saw your website a while ago when I began tinkering with the idea of sporting a moustache. When I saw your photo gallery my mind was set, and I started a growing! I ordered your wax on a Friday and recieved it Wednesday (thanks for the speedy delivery!). I applied the Wacky Tacky for the first time, and the results I'm getting are amazing! I'm just starting my moustache out, but I enclosed some photo proof of how awesome your stuff works. thanks again!
Zavien F.
Citrus Heights, CA
Sage W. aka "The Great Nippulini"
Hulmeville, PA
Even as a child he wore a big, fake moustache all the time! Thus the birthday cake with a picture of him as a boy with the words, "Some things never change."  
"The last picture is from Italy on the set of the Lo Show Dei Record television program.  I am sitting next to Kobayashi Takashero (world record competitive eater) and John Adamovich "Throwdini" (world record knife thrower), and I'm saying "Who, me?  The guy with an awesome moustache?". 
Isn't she precious? 
Maddy wearing her Firehouse Moustache Wax cap for "Hat Day" at school. (Daughter of a fireman friend.)
Richard D.
Software Engineer
Salt Lake City, UT
Darrell S.
Santa Clara, CA 
Please check out what Darrell, his dad and another fireman are doing in honor of 9/11. It's called the 'Bay to Brooklyn Ride,' a 4,000 mile bike ride across our great Nation in honor of the 343 firemen that lost their lives on 9/11. Please support them on this worthy endeavor if you can. May we never forget!

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