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2016 Donation to Wounded Warriors of Mississippi (www.woundedwarriorsofms.com) $4,000.00

2015 Donation to Stewpot Community Services (Stewpot.org$4,845.00
2014 Donation to Guardians of Rescue (www.GuardiansOfRescue.org$6,615.00

2013 Donation to Wish For Our Heroes (www.wishforourheroes.org) $6.430.00

2012 Donation to Sunnybrook Children's Home  (www.sunnych.net$3,585.00

2011 Donation to Community Animal Rescue & Adoption (www.carams.org$2,125.00

2010 Donation to Arkansas Children's Hospital (www.archildrens.org$1,110.00

2009 Donation to Mercy Flight Southeast (www.mercyflightse.org$850.00

2008 Donation to Mississippi SIDS Alliance (www.ms-sids.org): $450.00

2007 Donation to Blair E. Batson Children's Hospital www.umc.edu/childrenshospital): $260.00

2006 Donation to St. Jude's Children's Hospital (www.stjude.org ): $164.00

I’ve sported a moustache for 30 years now. I have used waxes off and on during that time. The problem I ran into was that twice I found a wax I liked, only to find out they no longer were available. I experimented in making my own wax but always would give up and let the idea rest. This last time I was bound and determined to make a product I could use, so I brought my ingredients to the fire station when I was off to experiment more. The men at the station got right in the middle of it, often offering ideas, help and even some referrals. Thus the name for the wax was created. So on days off at the station for the next month I added and took away ingredients and came up with today’s product.

My goal was to make a wax that had all the good features of a fine wax. To me this meant having a wax that would have a good hold but be workable and easy to apply. Since I work outdoors as a fireman and a farrier in Mississippi where the year round humidity and summer heat wreak havoc on moustaches, I had a challenge ahead of me.

When I first contemplated the idea of marketing a wax, I had an additional thought. One, I wanted to give something back to organizations who help others and two, why not let the consumer be involved by letting 25 cents per tin go to a different charity each year. Thus came the idea of having a counter on my website that is updated each month to let the consumer know how much has been donated so far in that year.

I hope I have created a wax that can be enjoyed by most. This wax is suitable for a wide variety of moustache styles. Whether you are trying to hold a certain shape or control unruly hairs, this wax is easy to apply and will not run. Our waxes are made to get better with each use. They may be a little soft at first, but will get stiffer the more you open and shut the tin, which traps air in. Each small batch of wax is personally handmade and tested by me. When I'm not on shift at the fire station or shoeing horses, I'm making wax at our home in Mississippi. I've created the wax to have superior hold to moisture/humidity, heat, wind or any weather condition. We hope you'll enjoy it! 

TO APPLY, simply push some up onto your index finger letting it curl up on your fingernail. Then wipe it on your thumb of the same hand. Rub the wax between your fingers for just a second and apply to your moustache with index finger, applying a little at a time using the wax off of your thumb. Some people may find it better to lightly run a comb or brush through the moustache once applied. Firehouse Wax is offered in a Light or Dark color as well as our unique "Wacky Tacky."

I hope you’ll find this wax satisfying and enjoyable!

  John Pitts

To see an article in our local paper
about our business click here:  

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We were also featured in a segment with our local NBC news
affiliate. Check out the two short videos done about our business!



Total Charity Donation for 2017: $3,700.00

          Thanks for buying our product and supporting a great cause!

25 cents per tin and 50 cents per t-shirt/sweatshirt sold in 2017 
 will be donated to 
(F)ind, (R)estore, (E)mbrace, (E)mpower
"Until Everyone is Free" 


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FREEInternational/
We have chosen FREE International as our charity of the year for 2017. FREE International deals with a topic most of us don't want to talk about or realize how prevalent it's become: human trafficking. Just to be clear, this is not about human smuggling. When most of us think about human trafficking, we think it probably only happens overseas. Unfortunately it's become all too common in the United States as well, especially with children/teenagers. I have personally gotten involved with this organization after a volunteer with FREE International taught a class about trafficking for my fire department. I was blown away and disgusted with the facts (every 30 seconds someone becomes a victim of human trafficking!) and the various information and stories presented. I now help by volunteering to teach classes to further educate First Responders who are out serving in our communities (law enforcement, fire, EMT/paramedics) about this issue. These specific classes are designed to not only inform them of the problem, but also to help them recognize the signs of what is now modern-day slavery, whether it's thru labor or sex/prostitution.

See below for further information on their tireless efforts to abolish sex and labor trafficking.   


F.R.E.E. International exists until modern-day slavery no longer exists. FREE International is a 501c3 nonprofit whose mission is to end commercial sex and labor trafficking in the United States.

F.R.E.E. works to abolish sex and labor trafficking primarily in the U.S. with innovative collaborations through public and private partnerships. F.R.E.E. stands for:

FIND: Successfully collaborating in the fight against human trafficking. 
This involves: Prevent. Equip. Search & Rescue.
We prevent through education. We train and equip through community collaborations. We support through search and rescue. We do it all to win the fight against human trafficking.

RESTORE: Bringing services and programs to the vulnerable. 
This involves: Comprehensive Restoration
We bring vital services into at-risk neighborhoods and work with OASIS, a soon-to-be-open shelter for young girls that have been victims of sex trafficking.

EMBRACEAssessing and meeting a victim's immediate needs. 
This involves: Providing the Essentials
When a person escapes from the abusive life created by human trafficking, a hug and a meal can be life-changing. We go beyond that and provide valuable support and resources.

EMPOWER: Providing aftercare services that foster independence.
This involves: Aftermath Care
After escaping the hell of being trafficked, there are crucial steps to be taken from victim to survivor and we make sure the resources are there for them.

F.R.E.E. International is a faith-based 501(c)3 nonprofit that was founded in 2007 because founders Mike and Denise Bartel believed then, and still do, that every man, woman and child should be FREE from slavery!

Since our humble beginnings in New York City, F.R.E.E. has established a national reputation for collaboration, working with a variety of government agencies, the faith community and other nonprofits working for the same cause, and for our high level of coordination, bringing people from all different areas and uniting them in the tasks at hand in the fight against modern-day slavery.

Now headquartered in Las Vegas, we specialize in training communities all across the nation to identify human trafficking and fight it with education as well as providing survivor support. We also specialize in helping survivors rebuild their lives by meeting practical needs, providing legal help and connecting them with a variety of vital resources. #UntilEveryoneisFREE

Company Overview: 
FREE International has gained a national reputation as an effective, top level organization that is creating strategic partnerships with law enforcement, government officials, health care agencies, churches, organizations and real people to address and end human trafficking in our lifetime.

FREE is is using these strategic collaborations and creative energy to develop progressive and innovative investigation techniques; create, locate, and network sustainable housing and holistic aftercare for rescued victims; and grow a new army of abolitionists to end modern day slavery.

FREE International works in the following ways:

*Teaching kids about the vulnerabilities of being trafficked and what to do about it

*Training law enforcement and healthcare agencies how to recognize the signs of being a victim of sex trafficking

*Administer legal help to survivors

*Equip communities to create cultural change around the issue of human trafficking

*Self defense and awareness classes for at-risk women

*Provide missing children search and rescue support for partnering organizations

*Shelter and services for underage victims of sex trafficking

*Coordination with law enforcement to extract victims and provide for their immediate needs

*Training the hospitality industry how to recognize the signs of sex trafficking and how to work with law enforcement to stop it

*Establishing a positive presence in at-risk neighborhoods by meeting the basic needs of the population

*Provide prayer support for women working within the commercial sex trade

*Create Missing Children’s books to pass out to law enforcement and the hospitality industry during a major event

*Regional Command Vehicles will be able to assist in supporting search and rescues, as well as, provide support services to low-income, high risk areas.


83%:The percent of U.S. citizens who were victims in confirmed sex trafficking cases. (Dept. of Justice)
100%: Human trafficking was reported in all 50 states last year.
293,000: Estimated # of U.S. children at-risk of being sex trafficked. (Dept. of Justice)
30: Every 30 seconds someone becomes a victim of human trafficking.