I just ordered your (Dark) wax last week and it was off in the mail the next following morning. I just got it last night and played around with it late. I left it in my moustache overnight, and to my disbelief, it was still holding up very well. It only took a small amount this morning to get it back to almost perfection. Thanks you so much for such a great product and a quick shipping time as well. I have already recommended it to a co-worker this morning! 
P.S. Sending you a photo I took last night after applying. 
Jamie C.
(Madison, AL)

The Best Moustache Wax Ever!!! I've tried other brands of moustache wax. Some brands when they dried would leave flakes in my stache. The first time I used Wacky Tacky it went on clean and the hold is superb!!! Thanks Firehouse. I'm sold on your product.  
Thanks again,  
Karl W. 
(Oceanside, CA)

Good Morning John,
I am pleased to inform you that today makes one week for me using the Dark Mustache wax made by you folks.......I love IT! I wish you could hear all the comments, Its really great stuff THANK YOU! I just appreciate the fact that this product is here!
Chris P.

Hi John,

I just placed my third, or fourth order for your (Dark) wax. I love the stuff. I've bought and been given several brands of wax. Yours is easily my favorite. I use it every day. I recommend it to anyone who asks. I hope business remains good so I'll always be able to get more.

Chris F.
(Hillsborough, NC)

I got my shipment of Firehouse Mustache Wax in the mail today (Tuesday), which is pretty impressive seeing as how I ordered it over the weekend. But anyway - BEST wax I've ever used! 
Jacob Z.
(Louisville, KY)

Thumbs up on Wacky Tacky ...even those without award winning 'staches should have this as a grooming product, whether directing the mustache sideways or combing down, the 'Tacky is just superb. I've been getting a good 2-day hold. Very awesome, absolutely essential -thanks man!
Alex C.
(North Plainfield , NJ)

Hello John,
 I was shopping at a local mall. My wife and I were in one of the stores and the clerk commented on my moustache and asked me what I use. I told him I use a paste. He told me about your website. I checked it out and purchased 1 of the Light tins. I got it within 5 days of ordering it. I am using it right now. The application was very easy. I like the way it looks. I would like to send you a pic to put in your Gallery. I have had my Handlebar moustache for over 30 years.
Scott D.
(Wyalusing, PA)

Just letting you know I hate writing reviews but with this product I had to. I've been on a hunt for the perfect wax for a couple years now and have tried over a dozen. About a year ago I ordered your product as the holidays were coming close and needed my mustache to be on point for my customers. All I can say is I no longer look at other waxes and have not visited anymore sites looking for a new product. Thank you for making an amazing aid in the tradition of awesome mustaches!
Josh S.

Just got your wax in the mail for the first time today...I have to say I'm very impressed. Nice job guys (I've tried to make my own and it wasn't half as good as this stuff is.)
Brandon C.
(The Woodlands, TX)

When I was about to become "Fire Chief" of our local Shiner Parade Unit, the "Barry County Firehouse Gang" I just knew a handlebar 'stache would look good under the antique Chief's helmet that comes with the elected position. I took stock in some advice from a fellow moustache grower and when he mentioned your product I knew it had to happen. I mean c'mon, "Firehouse Gang" and "Firehouse Moustache Wax", it was meant to be! From that simple search I found your website, made my order (dark & tacky) and have since told the world about your Wacky Tacky product. It looked great under the helmet and holds up great while I'm riding my motorcycle. Thanks for a great product! (I've planted hints for "Santa" regarding which wax and shirt sizes I prefer) I send my old friends (and new friends when the stache catches their eye) to your site as often as I can. 
Noble Benji O.

Decided to give the old Firehouse a test at the amusement park. 5 roller coasters, 6 haunted houses, bumper cars and still the perfect hold.

Even took videos.





Stephen B.
(Richmond, VA)

First just let me say that this the first product I have ever reviewed. I purchased your Wacky Tacky and I can't say enough good things about it. My mustache is long and very course. This equals a total mess usually. However with your product my mustache stays neat in place and most importantly out of my mouth. You have a loyal customer for as long as you are in business or I shave ( which hasnt happened in 25 yrs) . Even after a long days ride it's still neat. It truly is the best wax ever!

Scott D.
(Marianna, FL)

Helpful tip from a customer: My Favorite tool for grooming my mustache

Once I get the wax onto my mustache, I use a toothbrush to distribute the wax throughout my mustache, then go about shaping in. My mustache is fuller than the mustache in the video. I have not seen the toothbrush idea anyplace on the web. Since it works so well for me, I thought it might be worth sharing.
George M.

Hi guys,

... I got the wax within days of ordering it. I wish most companies would be as expedient as you.

I’ve had a moustache ever since I completed Special Forces training (never shaved during training), but never grew handlebars. I’ll be competing in the All-Round Weightlifting World Championships in October and since they contest old-time lifts, I thought I should look the part and grow a moustache like they used to wear in the late 19th century. Your wax is the best I’ve tried and essential. And the best part of it is that I really like the look (and so does the lil woman). I’ll keep the handlebars and you’ve got a new long-term customer.

Keep up the Tacky,
Dan W.
(Colorado Springs, CO)


I used to do the pencil thin handlebar moustache but over the last several years I've grown the moustache to something larger. I used to trim the middle short so not to get in the mouth. Now with the Wacky Tacky I'm growing it out into the rest of my creation. Fantastic product.

LeRoy K.
(Springfield, MA)

I made it to the finals in this year's Los Angeles Beard and Moustache Competition using the Wacky Tacky - thanks for creating such a great product!
Doug G.
(Tujunga, CA)

I buy the Wacky Tacky from you regularly, even though I'm based in the UK. It's an awesome product. I frequently cycle in high winds and rain and when I get to my destination I still look like a gentleman. In fact it has survived gales, torrential rain and swimming in the sea. Very well done to you. I wouldn't think of going anywhere else for my moustache needs.

Tom E.
(United Kingdom)

John and Kristine

 I am a new mustache man. I have never tried to grow one but I am directing a film in the near future and my production partner said that I needed to have some facial hair to fit the part. So here I am at 9 weeks and this is where I'm at. I bought some Clubman wax at first and could tell right away that it was not going to do the trick. I did some research and came across your product. Since I have 3 firemen in my family, naturally I gave yours a shot. I absolutely love the product. I use the Wacky Tacky and it is perfect for the hold I need. I don't know how long the 'stache is going to stay, but as long as I have one I will continue to use your product. 


Brian W.

John & Kristine,

Got my wax Saturday but didn't get a chance to try it out til Sunday. All I can say is WOW! This stuff is great! I put some on Sunday morning, and it held perfectly all day...and believe me it was a LONG day...about 18 hours at the office!!

It is quite a bit "stiffer" in the tin than I was expecting. I read the application tips you enclosed and also the ones online, but reading and doing aren't on the same page yet..probably gonna take a little practice applying it correctly, but I'll get the hang of it.

I'm glad I decided to go with the Light as it's practically invisible against my white moustache. You were right, it has plenty of hold...all I wll ever need and certainly lots more than what I was previously using. I say "previously" cos you have made a longterm customer. I'm not sure how long this tin will last, but I'll be putting another order in for a couple more tins so I can keep one at the office.

Thanks again for everything...your recommendation, prompt shipping, and your excellent product.

Robert L.
(Star City, AR)


My name is Chuck and I am a Nationally Registered Critical Care Paramedic from Newark NY and I want to give you a pic for your website. I LOVE your product. It truly has out performed some much much more expensive competitors and I also love your belief in helping others. I hope this picture allows you to show one more first responder who believes whole heartedly in your product. Thank you so much for doing what you are, and keep up the great product line.
Kindest Regards,

Charles D. NR-CCEMTP
(Newark, NY)


They say that if you are going to grow one, do it right and then keep it right! I grew my first mustache at age 60 and then discovered your superb wax to care for it! I could not be more pleased with the results of your great product. Having a mustache has been great fun and your Firehouse Wax is the secret to its proper care. Perhaps you can add my photo to your gallery of satisfied clients? I would be honored to be part of your growing list of clients. I refer your product to anyone who asks how I keep my mustache looking so proper. With many thanks. 

Richard Henderson
(Philadelphia, PA)

Hey there-- I just received my latest order of your wax, and thought I'd drop you a line to say thanks for shipping it so quickly and making the best moustache wax I've ever used. I'm sporting a Snidely Whiplash handlebar the width of my face, and Firehouse Moustache Wax is the only thing that keeps it in line. I'm happy to spread the word to anybody that asks, since I'm pretty much a walking advertisement, and I've turned two friends into converts this month. Finally, my girlfriend said that I should send along her thanks for coming up with a wax that can stand up to anything. So, that said, let me finish by saying that I hope you stay in business for a long, long time.

All my best,
Jherek S.
(Tacoma, WA)

Thank you for your fast delivery. I ordered Wacky Tacky wax on Tuesday and received it on Friday. This is my first time using mustache wax and this wax was amazing. Easy to apply and firm hold. I would recommend Firehouse Mustache wax to anybody looking to take their mustache from boring to a sweet looking stash. Thank you. 
Phil K. 
(Rotonda West, FL)

John & Kristine,

Thanks so much for your promptness! ...I first came across your product from one of my Canadian friends who uses the Wacky Tacky daily. I decided to give the handlebar look a try after seeing his successes. I will say that your product is the best that I have come across. It also holds up very well in high heat conditions when applied over or near a cold air stream. I am not sure if you are familiar with the Drum and Bugle Corps activity, but before I warmed up to take the field with the rest of my group, getting my mustache ready was the last thing I did. And honestly, many people really took stock in this extra step and got everyone in the mood to perform. Enclosed are a few pictures of me and my friend who use the Wacky Tacky. This Saturday marks the start of our competitive season in Wildwood, New Jersey and since Bob is taking this season off I am in need of my pre show ritual. If there are any questions regarding the drum corps I am in, our website is hawthornecaballeros.org and from there you can take a look at the history of the organization and get an explanation of the second picture. Thanks again for putting out an excellent product and I look forward to sending more pictures...there is a budding group of young men who aspire to get the mustache wax going....we will see if the influence of Firehouse Wax can add to others in my corps.  

Jon M.
(Lititz, PA)

I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. I received the product yesterday afternoon. It seemed speedy to me considering it was a holiday extended weekend. This wax of yours is amazing. I was using that cheap crappy clubman wax and kept getting discouraged when it took forever to shape and then wouldn't hold. Your product is great. Today is only my second day using it but I am extremely satisfied with your wax. I took it straight out of the mail and it was nice and warmed up from the sun rushed to my restroom and applied it very easy. It went on great and took form right away and stayed the way I wanted it. There is no strong or funky odor to annoy the senses which is a great plus. I guess I will not be shaving off the stache like I did before from being discouraged by the other wax. You have a great product, if not the best product on the market. I have done my homework before purchasing your wax and everyone seemed to be extremely satisfied and now I know why. I will continue to use your perfect product and don't change the formula. It seems to be top notch. 
Daniel G.
(San Pedro, California)

Hey John,
I ordered some of your wacky tacky a few weeks back for my first experiment with a handlebar moustache. It is some great stuff. I really like how well it holds it in place. I have been getting a lot of compliments on it recently and the barbershop I go to asked me which wax I use. In fact I went in for a shave today and there was a guy in there that said that he wanted to try a handlebar because his great grandfather had a great looking one. He asked me about moustache wax, and I gave him the business card that you enclosed with my wax. Could you send me a few more of your business cards? I love recommending a great product with even greater customer service.
Tommy T.
(Smiths Station, AL)

Went camping in temperatures in the 90's and high humidity. But through the heat and humidity the Dark held up very well, and this included swimming!
Mike T.
(Covington, KY)

Hi John,
Just got my Wacky Tacky wax today, and I have to say this is the best wax that I have ever used hands down! It was so quick and easy to apply and get my stache styling exactly how I wanted it. I have tried at least 4 other brands of mustache wax but none of them remotely compare. Most waxes are too soft and leave an oily residue yet others are too hard and are a pain to apply. Firehouse is the perfect combination of both. I have literally not been this excited about my mustache in a while now so I thank you for making an amazing product!
Collin A.
(Adams, MA)

Great stuff. I've used it to keep my stache as a handlebar and just to keep it out of my mouth. Can't complain about a product that keeps its shape while (horse)shoeing, trimming, or even after getting a shower!!! Awesome stuff!! 
James G.
(Chillicothe, OH)

Hello John & Kristine,

I just wanted to tell you what a great product you have. First, I was amazed at how quickly it arrived. Second, it's amazing wax. I've tried both the Dark & Wacky, and they both go on smooth, no clumps. Your wax distributes evenly and easily, has a great natural subtle aroma -- beeswax and leather (to me), and it doesn't dull my moustache....which has been a problem for me with other waxes b/c I have dark moustache. And it really does hold up to the heat and humidity of Houston; it doesn't matter if I'm workin' in the garden or fixin' the tractor even in the middle of the day, it holds. Just a dab is all it takes. I'll definitely be buying (and recommending) Firehouse Moustache Wax from now on.

Thanks so much!
Andrew L.
(Houston, TX) 

Hey John,
Great product you guys make. I used the other brand for a while but melted in Summer or rain. Your (Light wax)  gives my stache the look I like and it holds all day. I sometimes work some twelve hour shifts and at the end of the day my stache looks as good as it did when I got ready that morning.
Thanks again.
Danny D.
(Tahlequah, OK)


Last December, I decided to give growing a handlebar mustache a try. After doing a decent amount of research on methods of training the 'stache, and products available to achieve the best look, I kept running across reviews, and posts mentioning "Wacky Tacky" wax. At first I dismissed this as simple coincidence.

As my handlebars started to flourish, I found that I needed to use a stiffening agent. I looked around and all I could find at the stores was Pinaud's Clubman tube wax. I was disappointed with the quality of the hold and it's ability to style my curls. Further, anytime my mustache came in contact with water or if I broke a sweat while at work, the wax dissolved, leaving my lip fur wild and unruly.

FInally, after exhausting the tube that I purchased, I decided to look around for another wax. Again, I kept running across recommendations for "Wacky Tacky." So, I decided to find out who made this miracle wax that everyone is raving about, and get some for myself.

I am a paramedic for the City of Detroit, Fire Department, and we work long hours, and we work hard. I have found that were Clubman failed miserably, this legendary Wacky Tacky is exactly the product that people have claimed it was. Your wax held up well throughout my entire shift, sweat, heat, humidity, water, and wearing my mask. What impressed me the most, I think, is that the one time the wax relaxed after wearing my mask, it took 2 seconds, and a pinch of my fingers to remind my mustache of what it was supposed to be doing, working!

I count myself lucky to have not wasted time and money trying out other waxes. I have used your wax since it arrived, and found that my mustache, and the lip upon which it resides are much happier. I am much happier, as well. I have recommended your wax to a few others who have decided to grow a "full" mustache.

Also, I wanted to commend you on your decision to use part of your profits to donate to charity. Kudos, sir!

Thanks for a perfect product! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't stop making it!

Anthony T.  
(Detroit, MI)

Thanks John, I ordered online on Tuesday and found it in my mailbox on Friday. Thats fast, Thanks. My wife has not decided how she likes the new handlebar stach, but she does smile more looking at me. Thanks for the good times. 
Charlie J. 
(Fort Worth TX)

I just recently purchased your (Light wax) product and I am really impressed. I highly recommend your wax to everyone. 
Mike R.
(Brandon, MS)

I decided to make Firehouse Light Wax my first attempt at waxing my long blonde moustache amidst my big, long brown/blonde beard. All I have to say is that I need not look any further for another product or service! Lightning fast shipping, great prices and most important; GREAT LONG LASTING WAX! Will definitely be a returning customer! 
Thank you all at Firehouse!
Alex J.
(Washington, PA)

Just wanted to tell you that I am very happy with the Dark and Tacky waxes I recently purchased.... Works and smells great! Good Job!
Zach B.
(Redondo Beach, CA)


I've been singing your praises on my Straight Razor Shaving forum and wanted to share my most recent post with you along with the attached photo:

Hey Guys, I thought I'd share this as a follow-up. We just got back from Hawaii (with 75-80 degree temps and 72% humidity) and the Wacky Tacky held up like a champ! Attached is a photo my daughter took at around the 2 hour mark of snorkeling and the curl stayed strong even in the ocean!

That's right, more than 2 full hours in salt water...Love it! Sorry for the picture quality.

Thank you,
John M.
(Brentwood, Northern California)

John, I just wanted to let you know that I am absolutely thrilled with your wax!!! This is hands down THE BEST wax I have used! I started my wax experience with Clubmans tubed wax which was ok but the hold was not really what I was looking for. I then progressed to St. James of London wax. Again, it was ok but 4x the price point of your phenomenal wax. Then on to your Wacky Tacky and Dark wax which, as I stated, is exactly what I was looking for! B R A V O John, epic wax sir!
Peter James W.
(Raleigh, NC)

  Just wanted to let you know that my order of Wacky Tacky arrived today (lickety Split by the way) and...

Thank you so much for such a quality product.

Pax Vobiscum,
  George Grant S.
(Cincinnati, Ohio)

When I first started curling my mustache not a lot of people liked it. I had gotten mixed reviews and the wax I was using at the time was very hard to work with. Then while scouring the internet for some good mustache wax reviews I came across this here. Me being a fellow firemen, I had to jump on it. I have been using it ever since and the 2 (Dark wax) tins I ordered are still with me even after almost 1 year. I unfortunately had to cut the handlebars but am growing it back do to high demand. This is the only wax I will use. Great hold and a pretty decent smell compared to other waxes.

I just wanted to say thank you for a great product. I have just recently ventured into the handlebar mustache world this past year. Your Wacky Tacky wax has topped anything I have ever used. It goes in easy and lasts all day. I rarely have to touch up anything unlike other waxes I have used. I just wanted to say thank you. 
Glove W.
(Baxter Springs, KS)

You make an excellent product! The Dark wax is hands down the best wax I've used, and I will be using only Firehouse from here on out.
Thanks so much,
Ben L.
(Long Beach Fire Department, CA)

I've recently started waxing my stache out, and have gone through several other brands of wax. Nothing has even compared to the quality, color, and ease of use that Firehouse Dark and Tacky offer. It goes on smooth, combs through even, and sets nice and firm. No touch ups needed all day. John was very honest about his products over the phone, and Kristine is a very sweet lady to deal with. EXCELLENT customer service!!!!!! I ordered a couple of cans on a Friday afternoon, and received them the following Monday, all the way out in California!!!!!! Less than one business day. You guys will have my business as long as you're around. 
Thank you, 
Franklin B.
(Huntington Beach, CA)

John, I have ordered twice from you and been very satisfied with the Light wax. Last order I tried your Wacky Tacky and it is the best wax I have ever used. Kudos, too, for the very prompt shipping. I have ordered from another source in Kansas and they took my money and it took a MONTH for me to get their product. Your communication and customer service is very good. I have a small business and THAT is what creates and keeps good customers.

I will be ordering more from you soon, so I can have it in my travel kit, in my truck, and wherever I need 'a waxing'!
Jim O.
aka Buffalo Brady
(Port Saint Lucie, FL)

John, Thanks for making such a great product. Your Wacky Tacky Wax has exceeded my expectations. It was recommended by a friend; he also mentioned the great customer service, and fast shipping. He was right on all accounts. I appreciate all that you do for us and the community. 
Stephen P. 
(Madison WI)

Your (Dark) wax kicks ass! Thank you for a great product and quick shipping on my first order just the other day. :) Can't wait to get this Wacky Tacky. 
Nathan P.
(Bothell, WA)

Love this product! Since I bought my first two tins of your product I have told everyone how great it is! I just ordered six more tins of Wacky Tacky, 2 for me, 2 for my father, and 2 for my little brother! It has now become a family affair, and everyone loves your stuff! Thank you for a good product! From a family of moustached firemen, thank you and keep up the great work!! Customers for life, 
The Conley Gang
(Cornwall, NY)

Wow! I just don’t know what to say about your Wacky Tacky wax other than I’ll take one more. I like the supple application. My wife got me a candle warmer from local craft store for $3.00 for Winter application in just a few minutes warming time. Otherwise the defroster in my car works great as does my pants pocket. I have tried a few other waxes like Hndlebars but was so stiff application that it would pluck my individual strands of stache out. My moustache is in its infancy and is thin hair so I have to take extra care not to lose even 1 strand and that’s where Wacky Tacky comes in. I use like a fine eyebrow comb with a small brush on the other side . I’m trying for the Buffalo Bill look and your wax is the one. I work in construction and it holds up all day weather hot, cold, Humid.

James B.
(Los Angeles, CA)

Well, I've been using your amazing wax for a few weeks now and it is hands down the best out there! I can't decide if I like the Dark or Wacky Tacky best. I've been getting a lot of compliments on these wicked handlebars! Thanks again and take care!

Tony G.
(Lincoln, Nebraska)

Based on the members that have 'proper' staches in our little fly fishing club, I would say you are the "OFFICIAL" (and only) stache wax we endorse. =) Holds up great in the humid, hot, and windy conditions we long rod in. Just between you and me, however, I think it attracts redfish....just sayin. Thanks for making a great product ya'll.
Harris A.
Laguna Madre Fly Fishers of Corpus Christi
(Corpus Christi, TX)

I ordered some last week and got it a few day ago. I had my first opportunity to use it last night, alls I have to say is wow! Great stuff A++. I can't even count how many ladies played with my stache and it still held perfect.
Jonathan S.
(Anchorage, AK)

Hi John,
I purchased your firehouse moustache wax (Dark) and love it. I use it everyday to style my moustache. Nothing can compare to it. I will have to try the Wacky Tacky. Happy holidays and happy new year to you and your wife. Thanks John for an awesome product.

Anthony H.
(Santa Ana, CA)

Hey John
I've been using the wax for about a year now.  I've also found a new use for it.  My eyebrows!  My wife had been saying they were looking wild, so I got them trimmed when I got my hair cut.  That just made them look funny.  Now they have grown back, and I have been taming the wild hairs with the dark wax.  Just a really small amount keeps the few stray hairs that like to do their own thing in line.  I don't know if anyone else is doing this but it seems like worth mentioning to all those furry guys you have pictures of on the web site.
Jamie M.
(Sausalito, CA)

Wanted to let you know my method of heating the wax. I put it in the sink, running under hot water, while I shave. If a little water gets in the can it's no big deal, it's wax right, just shake it out. Great stuff, Thanx.
Alan S.
(Seattle, WA)

Hi I just wanted to update you on my order. I recieved it about 3 days ago but wanted to try it out first, what can I say.... well what I read in the reviews is right! After working out the best way for me to apply, it goes on easily and brushes through easily. The hold takes 10 mins or so to really stiffen up, which is great for adjustments. It gives a more natural finish, which my girlfriend prefers. Thanks again for your superb product, dispatch and delivery and fast communication. Think I have found the wax for my mo.

Thanks lots, 
Michael B.
(United Kingdom)


Finishing 'No Shave November' at the fire station and thought we would send you a couple of pics.  We ordered some of your product midway through the month.  It was a great find and became the envy of the department.  The wax was the conversation piece at most shift changes.  The Wacky Tacky is the best, most needed all the color we could get.  We will send some business your way, but it might not be till next November.  The wives can only handle so much stache.


Ryan F.
(Olathe, KS)

My Wacky Tacky arrived today, a lot faster than expected and (coincidentally) on the morning of my wedding anniversary. I'm pleased to say it does live up to it's reputation: it's a league ahead of the competitors I've tried (Who shall remain unnamed, but there were several). Will probably order the Dark soon to try it, but will definitely be ordering the Tacky again. Great product, great customer service and a great purchase for an anniversary present to myself. Thanks to everyone involved. My only complaint? - at eight weeks growth i can't shake the feeling my stache doesn't do your wax justice. But i'll get there (And will post a pic when i do).
Lee-John B.
(United Kingdom)

Hi John,

Here is another (picture) to add. Thanks for a great product the best ever!

I manage a restaurant in Tennessee and it (the Light wax) keeps me looking sharp throughout the day. Even with the steam and heat in the kitchen it holds up!

Great product and keep it up.


Robert H.
(Cookeville, TN)

Just got my first order of your Wacky Tacky and I love it! I've had a full mustache for decades which I used Sweet Georgia Brown Original for basic grooming, but recently I've been letting it get fuller in order to do a handlebar moustache and it couldn't hold it up. Forget over the counter products, they just don't work. I read your reviews and decided to try your Wacky Tacky. It holds a perfect curl like you promise. Plus, it takes a VERY small amount to do it. The 1oz. tin is perfect for travel (work) too. 1 request: maybe sell a 4oz tin at a discount to keep at home? I'll send a pic in a few weeks when my stache is grown-out perfect. 
Christopher M.
(Long Beach, CA)

I'm fininshing my first can of Wacky Tacky and I love it. Just ordered two more, one for home and one for the firehouse. Always great comments from the guys in the department and the citizens too. I usually freshen it up each morning and a good shampooing every fourth day or so. Holds all day running calls and drilling. Thanks for a great product and such quick service.
Lou S.
(Ladysmith, VA)

I've been so frustrated with the stuff in a tube for so long. I put Firehouse in and I'm good to go all day and all night. Thanks for keepin' me classy!
Brad B.
(Brooklyn, NY)

WOW!! I've been using the Dark that my Wife got for me this past Christmas, and decided to try the Tacky. It arrived this morning and I'm baffled by it's performance!! Amazing!! Both are incredible products, and serve their own purpose, however I am now a fan of the Tacky. The only people who won't like it, are other wax companies. Outstanding customer service, to match an outstanding wax!!! Thanks so much!!!! 
John the Barber
(Springfield, PA)

John & Kristine,

Your package arrived on Tuesday. I've been using the Light wax now for five days.

Want some feedback?

Many references I've found online to your wax include a comparison to Clubman's wax. I just don't get it. Clubman's has never been of much use to me, and it seems so different from your wax that I have to
think they are entirely different Types of product.

It takes an eighth of a tube, or more, when I get out of the shower for Clubman's to give any kind of control to my 'stache. And using so much wax fairly guarantees that it will end up spreading around and making my face look shiny all day.

Firehouse also takes an extra amount for that first application after a shower, but not nearly so much as the other guys' wax. And the Firehouse Wax actually HOLDS.

For example, I had not realized that I was cleaning coffee and beer from my mustache after every drink until the first time I did it and discovered that my mustache was clean! Now, that pretty much eliminates the only downside I've experienced from wearing a mustache. That, alone, will make me a long time customer.

Firehouse also sets better than the other guys' stuff. So it doesn't end up making my face look like there is a sheen of oil on it all of the time.

Here's something you might get a chuckle from. I have a pet conure. She likes to clean my fingernails for any little trace of flavor after I have been cooking or handling food.

She goes nuts when I have been applying Firehouse wax. She loves it! So far she has not discovered that it is also all over and through my mustache - I will have a time keeping her from trying get all of the wax out. :)

Thanks a lot. Put another check in the 'Very Satisfied, Regular Customer' column.

--Kennon B.
(Los Osos, CA)

Just a note to thank you (and with photo coming...soon) for how insanely fast my order got here. I thank you, and my girl thanks you (she was missing my upper lip!) Unbelievable product- I was doubtful, having tried two other brands (excluding that crap in a tube from Walgreens), but this stuff (wacky tacky) is no joke, and does not lie. Best. Stuff. Ever. 
Thanks again! 
John W.
(Houston, TX)

Gday. Got my Wacky Tacky two days and it is excellent. The only stuff I have been able to get in Australia is a product in a tube whose name starts with a "C", and it is so ineffective in a humid sub-tropical climate I was considering shaving the mo off. But your wax is something else. Great hold, no effeminate scent, and easy to use. Wonderful stuff! I went and showed it to my barber - hopefully he will get some off you too. Please feel free to use my comments as a testimonial. 
Cheers mate 
Terry D.

Hi, I just wanted to thank you for making this high quality wax, and to reassure you that it is just amazing.

I'm 23 years old, and back in November, I had this idea that I wanted to grow a handlebar mustache.  Not knowing what kind of wax to get, I turned to The Handlebar Club via www.handlebarclub.co.uk.  One of the very first products they recommended was Firehouse Mustache Wax.  When my mustache was nearing an appropriate length for waxing, I ordered a tin of your Wacky Tacky.  It took some getting used to, waxing my
mustache every morning, (it took especially long to TRAIN the darn thing,) but the wax holds fantastically.  I specifically wanted to tell you of one event.

I live in Santa Cruz, California, about a five minute walk from the beach.  I was on the beach recently with a group of friends, and found myself diving face first into a gigantic wave as I was swimming in the ocean.  I emerged later expecting my mustache to be completely re-waxed again, but to my surprise, it held its shape, and required no additional touch-ups for the rest of the day.  Let me repeat that:  I jumped face first into an ocean wave, and my mustache held its shape.
THAT is impressive.

Needless to say, as soon as my current tin starts running low, I will
be purchasing more of your fine product.  Thank you again.

James R.
(Santa Cruz, CA)

Finally a wax that is not too hard nor too soft! This one (Light wax) works great, holds up to wind even on motorcycle. And the delivery was freaky fast, literally next day via US postal system. I will be back. 
Donn D.
(Dublin, OH)

Hey! I saw your website a while ago when I began tinkering with the idea of sporting a moustache. When I saw your photo gallery my mind was set, and I started a growing! I ordered your wax on a Friday and recieved it Wednesday (thanks for the speedy delivery!). I applied the Wacky Tacky for the first time, and the results I'm getting are amazing! I'm just starting my moustache out, but I enclosed some photo proof of how awesome your stuff works. Thanks again!

Zavien F.
(Citrus Heights, CA)


Thank you so much for the incredibly prompt service, and the amazing moustache wax!

I placed my order on Wednesday and received it, to my bewilderment, on Saturday of the same week. 

As for the wax itself, it puts my previous wax to shame. I applied the Wacky Tacky for the first time moments ago, and I'm amazed at how quickly and easily my moustache took the best shape it's ever had!  I have a reddish Van Dyke, and the Wacky Tacky tames my coarse, curly hair like nothing I've tried before.

Thank you for such an excellent product!

Jacob T.
(Chicago, IL)

Firehouse Mustache Wax is the best of all the other waxes I've tried! I'm sticking with this one. Thanks for a great product! 

David I.
(San Antonio, TX)

I absolutely love the wacky tacky moustache wax.  I've got a new and growing 'tache that is dying to fully utilize it's potential!  Cheers for the quality product and service.

Matt M.
(Brewer, ME)

This is my second order making it four cans of your fine (wacky tacky) wax that I have been using to grow my handle bar mustache. I love your product and I constantly get attention for my well groomed mustache. Keep up the great work and sending out your product. I highly recommend your product to readers and do so to everyone I encounter with a stache. Sincerely, 
Hector F. L.
(Vacaville, California)

Simply amazing. This stuff holds better than any other. It took my morning routine mustache styling from half an hour to about 3 minutes. It just STAYS the way I place it. You guys really know your stuff. Thank you,
With Regards
Alex E.
(Federal Way, WA)

I have used and enjoyed your (Light wax) product. Thanks for putting out a damn good wax for my mustache, it's the only stuff that will tame this beast of a mustache. Thanks again.
Mike K.
(Plymouth, MA)

Gidday John ,

Well for a while now I have been growing a handle bar type mo and due to the fact that it’s impossible to buy mo wax in Australia I have been using good quality hair gel to curl it up [with limited success]

Anyway I went searching for wax on the net and saw your Wacky Tacky  product  ,ordered some and it arrived on Monday .

I’ve given it a go last night and what a remarkable bit of gear it is .

Really great results at shaping the mo a lot better .The difference is quite amazing .

So thanks for helping me out . [I might send some photos if you want ]

Have a nice day   

Steve M.

John and Kristine, 
I received my tins of Firehouse Wax this afternoon, and I could not be happier. Not only was the delivery exceptionally fast, but the product is great! I will definitely be a return customer. 
Keith P.
(Ewing, NJ)

Great product. Ordered a couple of weeks ago, was here in a couple of days. Love it. Works well and no perfume smell under my nose. Bought the Dark and love it. Thanks.
Terence T.
(Dugway, UT)

Got my wax a couple days ago and man do I love it. I have been using clubman, with pathetic results. This Wacky Tacky is great. I love the smell, and it holds up throughout the day. I have really coarse wiry hair and was worried that it wouldn't be able to keep control but my fears went unheard. Thanks a lot for the great product and I will gladly spread the gospel of Firehouse Wax to all my moustached friends. Take care and all the best.

Praveed A. 
(Yonkers, NY)

Hi John,

I just wanted to say that I really dig the Wacky Tacky moustache wax that I bought a couple of months ago.  I had been using Hndlebars before it and I've noticed a difference in the holding power of it for the wild moustache hair that I have.

Just wanted to say thanks for making a great product!

- Rolando S.
(San Diego, CA)

Great product! Other than four years in the Army, I've had a moustache since High School. But I've recently decided to go for a handlebar. I'm now 53, and my moustache is salt & pepper colored, so I odered the "Light." My only concern was the fragrance, and I'm very pleased that it's so subtle as to be barely noticeable. This wax is superb...excellent hold and easy to use. I'll definately be purchasing more.
Matthew H.
(Chandler, AZ)

Almost 4 moths ago I left on a deployment with the USAF. Prior to departing my father and I decided to grow "Solidarity Staches" for the duration of my deployment. About a month into it, it became clear that to go the distance we would need get something to control our wild facial hair. My father ordered some wax from your company and ordered some for me. He told me that you sent me 2 cans free of charge, which was great! The wax worked wonders on my wild stache and I was able to give the second can to a fellow mustache grower that deployed with me. I have been using the Tacky wax and it has great holding power for the most unruly of mustaches. Thanks for your support! Keep up the good work!
(Colorado Springs, CO)

Hey, Just wanted to say YOU GUYS ROCK! I've been using your Dark & Tacky wax for the last couple of months, and I couldn't be more happy. I'm a fishing guide and between the sun, humidity, & wind my 'stache usually looks like a birds nest by the end of the day. Well...not any more. Thanks for making a great product. 
Tight Lines... Capt Harris A.
US Coast Guard Certified Texas Parks & Wildlife Licensed Guide American Canoe Association Certified Paddling Instructor Federation of Fly Fishers Registered Guide 
(Corpus Christi, Texas)

Received the Wacky Tacky Wax yesterday.
Thanks for the quick service!
Perfect Wax, only a little bit needed to create a perfect handlebar.
Much better then the overpriced P****d crap in tubes, that I used before!!

(The Netherlands)

Hello John,
  I have been using your wax (Dark and Tacky) for a few weeks now and all of the praise on your website is deserved indeed. I have used the others and like the rest of your customers I have found them to be garbage. Your wax gives my 'stache the hold I need without feeling like I'm wearing a brick on my lip. It is soft and pliable and yet the hold is above reproach.
  You make an excellent product that I recommend on a daily basis. As long as I have a moustache it will be groomed with Firehouse Wax. Don't ever stop making this wax, I would hate to have to shave my moustache for a lack of your fine products.

Your Customer for Life,

Bryan T. D.
(Canonsburg, PA)

P.S. I would love to have a Photo on your site and will send one soon.

Firehouse Moustache Wax is the best, hands down. I purchased the Dark wax and the hold is great. I can't wait to try the Wacky Tacky, which I will be ordering soon. The superior quality of your product has earned you a customer for life. Thank you, 
Walt T.
(Peoria, AZ)

Got my mustache wax today.  It works great.  I am a firefighter/paramedic for the Orange County Fire Authority in California.  Thanks again for the super fast shipping.  I look forward to ordering again.

Brian A.
Orange County Fire Authority
(San Clemente, CA)

Wow, I'm so in love with the product. Hell, your company is wonderful. I purchased it on a Sun. night, got an email 1st thing Mon. morning & it was shipping out that day. On Wed. afternoon it was in my mail box.
The smell is suttle, but nice. The texture is wonderful.
This is my 1st time having a moustache, in 5 or 6 months I'll send new pictures of how it's grown.
Thanks a lot.
Joshua F.
(Springfield, IL.)

Hey John.

Just letting you know that I ordered your wax because I was at a party and my wax wasn't holding together. Well a friend saw me and let me use just a pinch of the wax, which was all I needed. I love your wax and can't wait until it's here!
Chris V.
(San Jose, CA)

Hi John,

I've been using your (light wax) product for over a year now and love it!  It works great!

Here is a picture I just had taken of me.  I was waiting for the moustache to look right for a pic to send to you...

I teach high school in NY.  Some of the students created a webpage for my moustache (note that they didn't create one for ME!)...the kids love it!  They've never seen anything it around here.  I get positive comments about my moustache every day, not just from the kids, but from adults in the area too...maybe I'm starting a local trend.

Keep making a great product!

Sincerely yours,

Jim W.
(Kerhonkson, NY)

Hello, Just a quick note to let you know how pleased with your product I am. I ordered "Tacky" and it worked PERFECT!.....I tried Just For Men Mustache Coloring and it caused my face to burn and become irritated. Your product not only gave me the desired color blend I was looking for, it also is completely safe and causes NO side effects to my skin. I will be a return customer for sure. Take care and be safe. 
Tommy M.
(New Brighton, MN)

Hey got the Wacky Tacky late yesterday and I love the stuff! Had been using that crap in the tube ....ack. This makes my stache look darker and thicker. Thanks to all of you guys who helped formulate the product. You did GREAT! 
Frederick W.
(Lacey, WA)

I would like to thank you as well for such a fine product. I have been looking for a strong wax that would hold up to heat and humidity as well as water and I have found just that with the Wacky Tacky that I ordered from you guys. I am sporting a rather long stache and I put the wax in on a Friday and it was still holding strong on Monday morning, that is after several (extremely hot) showers and working under a house re plumbing water lines one of those days as well. I didn't even need to do any touch ups. To put it mildly I am thrilled with the wacky tacky and will be a loyal customer from now on.

Thank you very much,
Justin M.  
(Eugene, OR)

After using both waxes, I prefer to use the "wacky tacky" the most, because of the holding power in or against the wind. Riding my horses in the mornings, chasing critters around the land. I need all the help I can get sometimes. The wacky tacky does the trick. At nite drinking beer at the campsites, the tacky stuff lasts the longest, against the big heads, if you know what I mean...
  Now about pictures, I will send one or two shortly, letting the hair grow a bit more prior to snapping the photo. Not yet at its fullest. Have viewed your "Wall of Fame." Not quite proud enough to show off the m'tache yet, need another month please... your devoted customer for life; 
JONATHAN H. B. (J.B. of BIG "D")
(Dallas, TX)

I've used a variety of mustache waxes, (including one with a nice aroma and one with a chapstick-like easy applicator tube), and both your Dark wax and your Wacky Tacky.

I appreciate your one-ounce tins. I can carry one in my pocket; it keeps the wax warm.

It has been my experience that my mustache begins to droop after several hours and needs to be combed out again. Other waxes tend to leave little "flakes", sort of like mustache dandruff. Wacky Tacky does not. I just ordered two more tins.

Good stuff -- Thank you!

Tom M.
(Toledo, OH)

Thank you, your (light) wax is the best I have found for my mustache. The price is great but most of all it really works well for me. Thanks again. 
Danny R.
(Queen Creek, AZ)

After 5 days of using your outstanding wax I am happy to report the following.
Tamed and happy face fur! I have been using the Wacky Tacky for hold and training and have used the Light for post lunch touch up.
There is zero reaction (to my sensitive skin) and the hold is amazing. Not only that but have received tons of compliments on the handlebars, and strangers have made it point to give feedback.
I have been recommending your wax when anyone asks what I use.
Josh S.
(Clackamas, OR)

My name is Danny V. and I currently live in South Lake Tahoe, CA.  I am 24 years old and have been growing my stache for about a year now, and about 6 months ago a random guy on the slopes told me about your wax.  Ever since then, I have been using Wacky Tacky.  It works great and I recommend your wax to anyone I see with a mustache.  In the winters I work as a snowboard instructor and in the summers, I work at a marina.  Life is great in Tahoe, but the stache (with much help from your wax) makes this place much more friendly.  Everyone loves staches and the handle bars make things much more exciting.  Anyways, I just wanted to say thanks for the great wax and the friendly service.  I have attached a pic of my stache and would love to get on your website (it would be an accomplishment for me and my facial hair).  Thanks again and I cant wait to buy my next tin!!!

-Danny V.
(South Lake Tahoe, CA)  

John and Kristine

I recieved the wax on Monday but had a couple of doctor appointments and did not get to send you a recieved notice until today. I really appreciate the fast shipping and fine business etiquette you have shown with our transactions. Yes this wax is what I needed and the first order of Dark will be used as I use both Dark and Wacky Tacky. My moustache is two colors from old age, one of lifes little injustices. So thank you and may God's blessings go with you for life.

Harold P.
(PIcayune, MS)

John & Kristine,

My boyfriend really liked the wax I purchased him! He loved both the Dark& Wacky Tacky wax! Thank you so much and the delivery was fast too! You are the best!

Thank you,
Linda G.

This (wacky tacky) wax actually works!  Unlike the cream waxes I've tried, this actually holds my moustache in place.  Additionally, it spreads really easy and matches my brownish-red facial hair just fine.

I'm already almost half way through the tin I have, I figured it was time to stock up so I don't run out!


Erik J. W., PG
Roman god of utensils
Hawaiian shirt fanatic
(Lincoln, NE)

Received my order last Saturday (1 Dark and 1 Wacky Tacky).  Wow!  Great stuff.  Sure, its "tacky," but that's the idea, right?  Anyway, thanks for putting out such a great product and thanks for your work as a firefighter!


Rob C.
(Shakopee, MN)

I REALLY LIKE YOUR PRODUCT!!! Both the Dark and the Wacky Tacky. Have not figured out which I like more. Both have their quality's which I'm getting to know. I use my beard brush to apply directly to the hair. Seems to go on very well, with / without the brush, use of my finger & thumb also a gift.  Again thanx for the order.  
(Dallas, TX)

Hey man, 
I have tried several different waxes and nothing holds a candle to the old reliable, wacky tacky. I went skydiving recently and my stash looked the same when I landed than when I drove into the parking lot that morning. My good buddy Dan also rocks a pretty sweet stash and I turned him on to your wax. Your wax also works well in water. I invented and built what I call a Bubble Room. It's basically a transparent diving bell 20ft under a lake. If you watch the video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Phj3lLEtWlk) at the 2 minute mark my buddy Dan enters the room and his stash still looks perfect. If you listen close enough you can hear me say Firehouse Mustache Wax! Prob the one and only stash looking good 20 feet down! Let me know what you think and when I find my skydiving pics I'll send you one!
Jordan N.
(Reno, NV)

Hi there--
Got the (wacky tacky) wax on Friday, and have had it in since then. Very nice!  Keeps the shape nicely and doesn't wear off over the course of the day --much better than that other stuff.  Color is perfect.  Even up here in Yankeeland it's too bloody hot to wrap up in a woolen kilt just for a photoshoot, but we'll be doing a couple of concerts next week, in uniform of course,  and I'll be sure to get a couple good shots for your site.

Thanks much, and here's to many happy years of Firehouse!

Rob M.
(New Bedford, MA)

I'm really impressed with your Wack Tacky. A little definately goes a long way. I was using Clubman but it didn't have the holding power that your wax does. Will I order again in the future? Absolutely!

Chris M.
(Hampton, VA)

Hi John (& Kristine)

Well, your service continues to impress.

I received my 3rd order, as promised of “Wacky Tacky” yesterday.

Thank you very much for your prompt dispatch of this wonderful product.

I am greatly appreciative of your both your products and your business ethics so thank you very much again very your trouble free transaction. It is a pleasure doing business with you.

Kindest regards

Andrew B.

Hi John,
    I wear a lot of hats. Marine mechanic and a side diving business are how I make a living but there is more. I'm a licsensed first responder, volunteer firefighter, medical reserve corp, freemason, fraternity brother, hunter, fisherman, biker, businessman, board member, friend, brother uncle, huband and dad. The last one on my list brought me to you and your product. I have a son in college who was studying abroad for a semester in South Korea. He came across your website and thought I might be interested. After looking over your site, I decided to grow a handle bar moustache while he was gone. The pictures I have attached are the result of two months of learning to live with a long stache and truely appreciating your product. Thanks to your wax (dark and wacky tacky), I have some great photos to remember some shared moments with/for my son.

Thomas H.
(Byrdstown, TN)

Hi John,

Only praise for your wax: it's the best I ever had, it holds in all conditions (I'm a product developer, I know what I'm talking about). I recommend it at any opportunity as it outperforms any other wax I know of, technically and pricewise.

Peter M.

Hi John and Kristine,
The (wacky tacky) wax arrived a few days ago and it is a dam good wax! I had only tried one other wax that I had brought while in France, but it wasn't specifically for moustaches and it worked ok but no way near the way
your wax works...so I am sold...Firehouse Moustache is my wax.
Dave R.

You guys make a great product.  I cheerfully recommend it to anyone who expresses any curiosity regarding my moustache. You guys are the reason I have a handlebar.  I was using cheap drug store wax wondering what the hell I was doing wrong.  It wasn’t me- it was the nasty wax.  And believe me it was nasty, being more of a paste than anything else.  But I did not know any better and I was quickly despairing over my inability to grow a handlebar.  It was not until I stumbled on a good wax- Firehouse wax- that I could grow a respectable handlebar.  I was cruising the web, and read some of your testimonials- and I decided to give you a try.  The glowing endorsements are deserved.  The wax makes all of the difference in the world.  I have containers at home, in my office, in my gym bag- I don’t want to be without.   Wacky Tacky represents!

As always- thanks!
Dan L.
(Street, MD)

Wow! I love the wax and have been jostled by my wife and three children for hogging the bathroom. I heat the Mo’ with the hair dryer and then rub in a little wax. It sets just nice and keeps my hair out of my mouth all day. I prefer the Dark to the Wacky Tacky I think, as it seems to hold a little better for longer. Both great products though and I will return. Thanks you.

Kind Regards,

Stuart S.

Wow! Amazingly fast shipping. I just got it (wacky tacky) this afternoon and it is absolutely perfect. The consistency is right on while the wax doesn't discolour my mustache. Great service and a great product!

(Bath, MI)

Dear John,

Coming from a culture that sports big moustaches, it has been a challenge trying to find the ideal moustache wax that nourishes the hair, and can withstand environmental challenges.

Firehouse moustache wax is what wax is supposed to be! It is natural, easy to apply, pleasant to the touch and smell, and can withstand extreme weather both in cold and wet, and hot and dry climates. 

Here is a picture of me proudly displaying the "firehouse waxed stache." Feel free to edit and use the image as you'd like.

Savas A.
(Phoenix, AZ)

Hi John & Kristine,

I liked the wacky tacky wax very much and wanted to buy a spare tin to keep at home. Thank you for making such a good product and I wish you a good summer.

Best regards,

Juuso M.

I love the (dark & wacky tacky) wax and I tell everyone I see about it.  I am a tour guide at Lakefront Brewery and I get a lot of people asking me about the 'stache.  Always carry a tin of the tacky for touch ups and always offer a bit to anyone who may need a bit.  Love the product.  I'll get you a photo or 2 soon.

Thanks again,
Chris K.
(West Allis, WI)


Just a quick thank you for your great mustache wax. I was using another wax and it left a white residue and made my face red. The mustache wax you make goes on easy and is priced very reasonably. The dark wax and wacky tacky both work really great!

Thanks from Los Angeles,
Sebastian R.
(Los Angeles, CA)

Hello John and Kristine

I have used ¾ of my first tin of Light and am ready to order more!! I am very impressed with the hold and the endurance of firehouse moustache wax, it lasts all shift no matter what the (Canadian) weather sends my way.  

Keep up the good work

Ian G.
(Ontario, Canada)

Bought some of your (dark) wax a couple months ago. Love the stuff. Had a wonderful time waxing it everyday for the month of march. (mustache march)
"this wax will hold anything"
"this wax worked even better once i started using a mustache comb"

...Here's a picture for good measure. This is a picture of me and my father. We both have mustaches but its obvious who's using firehouse wax.

Thanks again for everything. I'll be getting more as soon as I run out.
Matt P.
(Breckenridge, CO)

Hi John. 
I've been using FMW for some time. Since I have a "normal" mustache and don't need the extra hold, like the "handlebar Brothers", I use the regular wax. I love it and it works well, especially under arduous conditions. 
Attached is a photo of "the wax in action" so to speak. Feel free to use the picture to demonstrate to the handlebar crowd that the wax works great in the aggressive world of firefighting.

Ffr. Michael B., Ladder Co. 5
(City of Albuquerque, NM Fire Dept.)

Hello John,
I just received my second order of your “Tacky” wax and I cannot tell you how much I love your product. I have had a handlebar mustache for about 4 years now and have tried many many different kinds of wax and styling products. Your wax stands up to anything I have faced it with including cold winters, wet weather, and the super-hot and dry temps here in the Mojave desert in the summer. Other waxes do not have that tacky property to it that makes it so easy to apply and keeps the curls standing straight-up all day. I also like the darkness of the wax that blends well into by dark brown/black mustache. I will continue to buy your wax loyally as long as I still have my stache’, which will be forever. People always ask what I use in my mustache and I tell them about your wax. Can you tell me what you put in the wax that makes it so tacky? Is it like tree sap or a gum product? I like that it doesn’t have a scent either. Thank you sir for your time and your great product. Have a great day.
Steve R.
(Hesperia, CA)

Hi John,
Wanted to add to your reviews. As a brother firefighter I love the name. I have been using Firehouse Wax for almost two years now. I tried a couple of others prior to finding Firehouse and haven't changed. I have good size handlebar stache and use Wacky Tacky exclusively. I have used dark but it doesn't seem to have the holding power that Wacky has. After a long hot fire the stache is still picture ready. 
I also am a surfer and you can imagine what the water does to a stache. Well after catching some big waves up on Lake Ontario this weekend I got out of the water did a couple of twist and recurl the stache looked as good as it did in the morning when I first applied the wax and shaped the stache. I recommend the wax to all the guys I meet with staches. 
Not sure if you are still fighting the dragon or not. Keep safe and keep the great product coming.
Tim H.
(Seneca Falls, NY) 

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                                                   ADDITIONAL COMMENTS

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your great product and great service. In this day we live in I am disappointed so many times in both quality and customer service while doing day to day business. Not so with Firehouse Moustache Wax. Consistently good product, fair pricing and great service make it a pleasure to do business with you. Thanks. 
Eddy H. 
(Burleson, Texas)

This is hands down the best (Dark & Tacky) mustache wax I found. There will be no more searching...great product, prices, speedy delivery and always happy to support firemen.
Kurt K.
(Destin, FL)

The best mustache wax around!!!!!!
I just love how your Wacky Tacky keeps my stache in place ALL DAY LONG!!!! I just apply it once and don't have to worry about it warping or unraveling. You have created the WAX OF THE GODS!!!! Simply perfection made for man.
Hiram M.
(New York, NY)
Hi John,
I bought two tins of wax from you last year and will never go anywhere else! I still have some of my Wacky Tacky wax (and I use it every day). Sometimes I use the Dark wax too. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for your great product. I was going to broadcasting school at the time and I made a commercial featuring Firehouse Moustache Wax. I thought you might enjoy it, in fact, if you'd like to use it in any way you like, feel free to do so! Keep up the great work, I'll be purchasing some new tins when the old ones are ready to run out.
Remy S.
(Click below for his fantastic commercial. Made us even want to go buy a tin! ha)

I usually don't write e-mails after ordering items from businesses, but I had to give you some props! This was simply the best stuff I have ever used in my life! Not to mention the extremely quick and easy ordering, shipping, and receiving process I received👍! This is simply the best product I have ever used and am so going to refer you to everyone I know! Thanks so much for a great product and excellent ordering experience! You are the man!
Christian N.
(Star, ID)
Ordered: Wacky Tacky Mustache Wax
Quickest ordering and shipping process EVER! 

Firehouse Moustache Wax, has definitely won me over. As a long time, beardsman who really loves a good stache, I can honestly say the Wacky Tacky is one of the best products I’ve tried. There seems to be a number of moustache waxes out there these days and in a crowded market place, it’s not easy to pick out a great one, but you can be sure this is up there with the best. A truly unique product from some incredible people. You can’t lose. If you’d like to read a little more of what we thought, just pop over and check out our full review at: 


Beard Trimmer Bay
United Kingdom
https://www.beardtrimmerbay.co.uk/ )

I just wanted to let you know that I love your Dark mustache wax. Absolutely hands down the best product out there for keeping my mustache in place throughout the day no matter what I’m doing. My only regret is that I spent a year trying others before finally finding and trying yours. Keep up the great work on an excellent product. 

On another note the speed at which you ship out orders is absolutely astounding!
-Matt N.
(Muskego, WI)

Dear Mr. Pitts,

 Phenomenal product! I have been using your wax- in specific the Wacky Tacky- for over a year now. I, unlike my three brothers, am unable to grow a beard thus I thought I was doomed to an existence plagued with a cookie-cutter goatee. My boss at work had a tin of the W.T. and I decided to try curling the ends if my moustache. Lo and behold I loved the look and idea of a handlebar moustache, so I went home and shaved the bottom part of my goatee and fashioned myself a starter-'stache! I noticed that the wax held up remarkably against the heat of the grill at work (I'm a butcher at a local meat market) and decided that I had finally found a look (and product) I can depend on and love! I have since received compliments on my moustache on a daily basis and have handed out several business cards for F.H. wax to anyone who is interested. I always show my tin and tell the tale of how you started making it and have even recommended it to a customer whose brother works at the oldest barber shop in Albany,NY. Thank you for creating such a wonderful product that is 100 percent reliable and made in the good ol' U.S. of A! You have a customer for life and I look forward to future purchases of the Wacky Tacky.

Thank you again and sincerest regards,
Adam W.
(Clinton Park, NY)

Your Wacky Tacky is hands down the best 'stache wax I have ever used. I just competed in the 2014 Seattle Tough Mudder and my handlebar never dropped the entire time. 10-12 filthy muddy miles with 28 obstacles, and the 'stache stayed strong through the whole event. Still stiff and proud at the end. Keep up the good work.
Jeff G.
(Seattle, WA)

Hey John-
Thanks for the wax! Your service is unbelievable! I never get my hopes up when I see 2-5 business days for delivery, in fact I always assume it will be the latter. I ordered the wax Friday afternoon of last week and it landed at my home in Folsom, CA on Monday! That's awesome! I'm kinda like a little kid waiting for Christmas when I order something. So when you find a company that cares about getting it out quick, that means a lot! Thank you!!

Now for the wax. I've always been a beard guy and thought of my moustache as part of my beard. I'm still sporting my beard but after trying your wax I will be sporting both from now on and if I decide to wack the beard, I'll be keeping the stache for sure. Great stuff!! Easy to apply and unbelievable staying power!! Smells good too! My daughter says it smells like Christmas.

Thanks for the great service and great wax!
Erik V.
(Folsom, CA)

Hello, i just wanted to write you and thank you for your product. I’ve tried numerous waxes that just didn’t hold well enough. I have a somewhat sparse beard on the upper part of my cheeks. I heat up the Wacky Tacky wax between my fingers with my blowdryer and apply it to my whole face. Once it cools, I can brush my beard and be confident that it will stay in the same position, looking healthy and tamed. The density and slight coloration of the product makes up for the sparseness on the upper cheek and the whole beard comes together. The fact that you guys hand make these products is even more deserving of a thank you, and a job well done. Keep it up!
 - Nick C.

Thanks for the awesome hand made products John, I ordered the "Dark" last week Wednesday (awesome) and had to try the "Tacky" so I ordered it this Wednesday and received both of them the following Fridays (From the Gulf to Wisconsin in two days). I don't know how you've wrangled the postal system in to actual efficiency, but all the other reviews aren't lying ( SUPER FAST SHIPPING). I was originally hesitant about the color of the wax since I'm one of the weirdos with brown hair and a light ginger calico beard.....the Dark and Wacky Tacky both work great and blend in perfectly! I would certainly say that a blond person would be able to use either of them as long as they weren't bordering platinum ash blond. I'm a welder by trade and this stuff holds up all day long and keeps everything where it's supposed to be even with accidental bumps and the super windy elements. You have a new brand loyal customer!
Bravo sir! 
(Appleton, WI)

Just a note to say I've just about finished my first can of your mustache wax and think it's the best I've ever used and as long as you make it I'm not buying any other brand! I'll be ordering two cans on the first of the month when I get paid; I'm always going to want to have an extra can on hand.
Thanks again,
William T.
(Carmichael, CA)

I bought the Dark wax to try out as a first time mustache wax user. I was surprised after the first use! This stuff is great. Perfect hold all day long. Thanks for a great product from a fellow Mississippian!
Preston M.
(Holly Springs, MS)

Just a quick note to let you know how impressive I find your product (Wacky Tacky wax) and service to be.
I'm sure you get these replies all the time but this truly is everything the claim implies. Usually I find all the hype about a product made by the maker and/or the company to be just that, ALL HYPE and no real truth to the claim. Not so here!
 I also live in a hot and humid area ( near San Antonio, TX) and I don't have to keep re-applying to get any kind of holding power. Just once a day, that's it!!! And the service is just as impressive. I don't usually buy things over the internet because it seems to take so long to get things. Also not true here! Thanks for being true to your word on your product claims and being very attentive to those who buy it. This is seriously THE ONLY wax I'll EVER use and I've recommended it to others ( hopefully they'll try it as well and be just as impressed!)
Dave Cimino
(Canyon Lake, TX)
P.s. This is the only time I've ever been compelled to respond to a product. Great stuff!!

John hi,
Just bought my order for two tins of (Light) wax…that’s an excellent product…well done! ;-)
I tried all hair products before that, but nothing works for moustache…Firehouse is amazing, thanks

Best regards,
Marios G.
(From Cyprus)

Dear John and Kristine:
Thank you for going to the effort of sending me a lighter colored Wacky Tacky to accommodate a silver beard. It blended beautifully. What a great product. It's holding my mustache and helping me train it to part in the center without falling on to my lips. I'm ready to take on a Mississippi summer.

Not only is it a superior mustache wax (I found my wax and don't need to look for anything else), but you guys are the best to work with. You couldn't be nicer or more helpful. It makes me feel good to do business with you. Want you to know I appreciate your service as a firefighter. 
Thanks again,
Aberdeen, MS

I just wanted to say thanks for such a great product. I've had a mustache/goatee for about 30 years. This past summer I decided to grow out a fu manchu and over the past couple of months it was starting to get a little unruly. To somewhat tame it at 1st, I just used some hair gel, but figured there had to be a better product that would hold it in place for longer periods of time in the hot and humid South, so I went on Amazon looking for suggestions and came across your product. It had the best reviews, so the next choice was do I go with the Dark or Wacky Tacky and I chose the Wacky Tacky. I must say I'm very impressed; the wife and I decided to take the Harley out this past weekend and we were out and about for a couple hours at speeds up to 70 mph and the wax held up perfectly. 

Thanks for making a great product, I'll definitely be back for more when this tin runs out.
Nick M.
(Summerville, SC)

I've tried other good waxes, found that in the HOT and humid Florida summers they began to fail holding rather quickly, needing touch-ups. I ordered a tin of Light and Tacky that arrived a couple of days ago. Having white hairs on one side, black-white mixed with grays on the other, I wasn't sure which to use. Today I used both types, Light on the left and Tacky on right. Honestly the dark Tacky [I'd requested darkest possible] goes on so light compared to the color in the tin it's hard to tell it's any darker than the Light and the Light goes on pretty clear. Tacky is just that, a bit more 'tacky' than the pure translucent Light wax. The Light wax is still of good consistency and very close, has no real scent, while the Tacky does have a familiar yet somewhat pleasant scent I can't quite put my finger on yet. I put them both to the test today, outdoor temps with humidity added topped 95°F with 'feels like' temps over 105°! Add to that the wife and I drove to a local flea market in our SUV that lacks A/C, temps inside the vehicle had to be well over 120°F, plus the flea market had no air conditioning. Other waxes would have begun failing before this point, my moustache hairs would have begun separating. Not so with Firehouse Mustache Wax! Both types held, the Tacky on the right side AND the Light on the left. If anything I think the heat actually added to the outstanding hold! Add to this the stories of how it became, how it's still made, that a portion of each tin go to charity so knowing I was contributing to a good cause, what's not to like? Kristine called me back in a timely manner when I had questions, John was out batching wax orders in his cabin when speaking with Kristine, it was a great experience. The wax is still holding, hours later, after all the heat and humidity and not a touch-up needed! Possibly one of the best experiences I've had in a long time, both buying and using Firehouse Moustache Wax, I will definitely be back for more! Thank you both, John and Kristine!
Scott C.

Thanks for always being so prompt. You get the stuff out amazingly fast. Yours is the only wax I use. And of course having a handlebar I'm always asked about it. I tell them it's your wax that does the job. Of course now it seems like I'm just there to take the mustache out. People don't remember my name but they remember the stache. Thanks again
A.j."Sandy" R.
(Tucson, AZ)

Hi John. Just a quick note to tell you how great your wax is - the best I've tried! I'll be placing an order for a few more quite soon. Also the delivery time was amazing given that it's come from the U.S.
Stuart F.
(Southampton UK)

I ordered some of your “Wacky Tacky” wax about a year ago, and just placed an order for 2 of the “Dark.” Really enjoy your wax, and it hold up well to the Texas heat. Even held well a few weeks ago while on a Brush Truck doing a direct attack on one of our lovely Texas Wildland Fires! We were out front of the head, anchoring off a road to defend a home, while trying to keep the fire from jumping the road to light another 5K Acres ranch. Your wax kept it’s cool under the toughest conditions we face, and kept my Handlebars looking sharp too. Darned fine product, and makes me proud to help a brother firefighter with my business!
I’ve tried the Clubman wax, and it is ok for out on the ranch/hunting……just not as good for looking sharp come “Sunday Go To Meeting” time. I switch things around some, but your wax is the best bar none! Keep up the good work.
Calvin W. 
Brookesmith V.F.D .
(Brookesmith, Texas)

I absolutely love your waxes. I've had my handlebar moustache for 2 years now and it's the envy of my small Texas town. The Wacky Tacky wax holds big curls even in hot Texas summers, just a cool blast from the A/C and your ready to take on the day!...

I really cannot believe how great your customer service is. Taking the time to reply personally to your customers/ fans orders in a polite way just goes to show that Firehouse Moustache wax truly is a business built for the everyday gent no matter the shape, color, size, shape, or demeanor. I know it must take a lot of your time reading and responding to each and every email so I will no longer take any of your time and actually request you not reply to this email. My rants and gloating on your product takes away time for you to distribute, in my opinion, the best wax and customer service I have ever dealt with and people around the world should know that. Once again I thank you so very much for an amazing product that works and the greatest customer service I have ever dealt with."
Dakota W.
(Winnsboro, TX)

Love your wax! I just grew a moustache for the first time in my 48 years and wanted the handlebars. Saw more raves about your product on the 'Net than any other and, whatdayaknow, its all true. Didn't want to fool around so went straight for the Wacky Tacky. Have received many, many compliments! Thanks! 
All best from a new fan, 
Scott W.
(Brooklyn, NY)

Hello there,
My name is Nick. I live in the town of Banff, Alberta, Canada. I had just recently purchased two tins of your "Wacky Tacky" moustache wax and...WOW! This stuff if the greatest. My life has made a complete turn for the better since using your product. I work hospitality as a bartender and a server. After applying the wax before a shift, I can almost guarantee a 10% increase in my nightly tips. Not only has this wax improved my life financially, it has also grabbed the attention of many curious women while out on the strip. I am constantly asked how my moustache stays so well groomed and curled.

I have since sent a few Mo. Bros. (fellow moustached men) your way for purchase of there own Firehouse Moustache Wax. I am sure they will be just as thrilled with your product as I have been.
Nick M.
(Banff, Alberta, Canada)
Just ordered 2 more tins (I've ordered 6 so far). I keep giving them away to family/friends with staches because its just such great stuff... I stumbled upon it because as a FF myself (in ABQ, NM) it seemed like a cool product to try, but as I try other waxes from time to time I really think the Firehouse Wax is the best regardless of the branding coincidence... Keep up the good work and thanks for making a great product at a reasonable price!
Pete J.
(Albuquerque, NM)

Best of all the waxes I've tried and have been given to try. I run a pizzeria and have the curled stach to match, so everyone tries to bring me "the Best" they have. Nothing has come even close to the Wacky! Thanks for always being quality!
Larry L.
(Upper Visalia, CA)

Hey man. I have tried everything possible to keep my stache twisted from hair gel to pomade. Nothin worked. Got some Wacky Tacky and held all day with one application. Your a lifesaver and I am now a life long user of Firehouse. Thank you!
Robbie G.
(Weatherford, TX)

Let me tell ya! Firehouse Mustache Wax is by far, the best mustache wax that I have used since I began growing my handlebar mustache. After using other brands offered, they just didn't give me the control that I needed without looking like I was wearing an all wax fake mustache. It holds and makes your mustache look very natural without heavy application. As far as customer service goes, well I ordered on a Wednesday afternoon and the product was sitting in my mailbox Saturday. You just can't beat that! Very Pleased! 
Wallace "Red" N.
(Denison Texas) 

Like many others, I feel that your Firehouse Wacky Tacky is the best product out there. I live in Katy, TX (just outside of Houston) and the heat and humidity really push the limits of other products. I am proud to recommend your product to any one! 
John H.
(Katy, TX)

Hey John - I knew from the minute I put this wax in that it was the real deal. It felt strong, looked great, and was easy to apply. It also has such a subtle smell that it doesn't feel like I just put something right under my nose. My job keeps me going all day, and I don't want to mess with my facial hair but once, when I wake up. It's a great conversation starter, my wife loves it, and I honestly think it's boosted my morale throughout the day. Exceptional product, great price, fast shipping, zero complaints whatsoever. Consider me a life customer! Man with all this praise you'd think people would start saying "John's wax helped me lose 20 pounds!"
Kendal O.

Hands down the Wacky Tacky is the best wax out there! Tried the Clubman line of products for a couple of weeks, and while they did ok, there were things I didn't care for. I don't want my 'stache to look like shoe polish, nor do I want it to look like it has dandruff. The Wacky Tacky resolves all those issues! And it smells great, not like a cup of Earl Grey! It has great hold, and it's color compliments my natural hair color well. Thanks for an awesome product! You've earned me as your faithful customer!
Aaron S.

The simple fact that I am taking the time to send you this email says it all. I just received my first tin of Wacky Tacky today. THIS STUFF IS AMAZING. My 'stache looks EPIC. Feel free to put this message on your website if you feel like it, all guys out there need to know how good your wax really is. You just won a lifelong customer.
Max T.
(Manitoba, Canada)

I picked up a tin of your Light wax at Maison Edwards in Ann Arbor and am very pleased with the product. It is an upgrade from my former wax in that it has firmer hold and lasts through my workday while retaining workability. The size of the tin lends itself to portability, be it travel - my initial reason for choosing it - or keeping on hand for a touch up before venturing out after work. My compliments on solid product and a job well done.
(Ann Arbor, MI)

Thanks guys, I have given the product (Dark & Tacky) a good test and it certainly lives up to all that you say. It is the best I have found and now I can shape my moustache and have it stay that way all day, keeping those "wild " hairs under control. I have been looking for years and am glad I found you on the net.
Ray T.
(Queensland, Australia)

I literally jut applied your (Light) wax, and I'm blown away. The grip it has is amazing, I will be coming back for more! 
Thomas N.
(Milwaukee, WI)

John, I just received the wax I ordered last week. I must say my friend, best stuff I've ever put in my face garden! Well done!
Jonathan B.

We're experiencing a heat wave in NYC right now, but the Wacky Tacky is still keeping my mustache in line!
Noah K.
(Brooklyn, NY)

Hi John!
I finally received the wax!
It's like giving a new life to my moustache!
I think you found a good customer here in Italy ;)
Andrea C.
(Milano, Italy)

John, you will make my husband a happy man (with this Light wax order).
We recently went to Europe for a little holiday. I called it “ the Moustache tour of Europe” . People who didn’t speak English were happy to marvel and comment on Peter’s great moustache, supported by his favourite firehouse wax. Seriously, people were delighted.
Anyway, thanks for your quick service, and an obviously excellent product.
Mary D.
(Nelson, British Columbia)

Long time satisfied customer! Thank you for a continually awesome product. I get lots of compliments and attention for my handlebars, and I tell everyone that I couldn't do it without your great wax!
Ben S.
(Myrtle Beach, SC)

Just wanted to say I received the item (Wacky Tacky) and couldn't be happier. I love the smell of it (very tobacco-like, yet with complex undertones) and even how it takes some effort to apply, almost as if there is some art to it. It lets me "bond" with my moustache, if that makes sense. This is my first handlebar and just getting to the point where I need wax. Anyway, thank you for inventing such a great product and keeping the price reasonable. I will not be trying any other product soon because there is simply no complaint with your product.
Patrick V.
(Riverside, CA)

I just received the Firehouse Wacky Tacky Wax and tried it for the first time. Previously, I used a combination of two other waxes (on the ends). Both of those are great products, but your product is even better! And so much more convenient than using two products at once. Truly, Firehouse Wax is the real deal for the hardcore handlebarred gent. Thank you, also, for filling my order so quickly. 
Jared B.
(Davenport, IA)

Decided to go with a handlebar, did an Internet search for wax and came across the Firehouse site. So glad I did! As a first time moustache wax user, I don't think I could find a better product than Wacky Tacky - works for me!
Jim D.
(St. Inigoes, MD)

After growing more and more frustrated with other moustache waxes and DSS (Droopy Stache Syndrome), and hearing high praise of your product sung all over the internet, I had to give it a try. I purchased two tins of your Wacky Tacky, received a tracking number the very same day I ordered it, and received the wax just two days later. After applying it and giving it a whirl on day one, it became immediately apparent that your wax was the wax I was going to continue using going forward. It smells great, and holds like none other. I didn't even need to touch it up all day long. Thanks so much for a product that more than delivers, with some seriously fantastic customer service! -
Christopher R.
(Portland, OR)

I just tried your (Dark wax) product for the first time today and all I can say is WOW! It has a great smell and the hold is terrific! I will definitely be buying more. Thanks a million!
Bruce R.
(Layton, UT)

Just wanted to say thank you for your amazing product. I've had my handlebar for around six months now and have been forced to make due with inferior waxes. I ordered some Wacky Tacky off of Amazon and couldn't be more pleased. I just got it a few minutes ago and couldn't be more excited to try it. Just in my first application I'm already impressed. The smell reminds me of a pipe tobacco, something I don't mind catching a whiff of throughout the day. I can't wait to put it to the test during our hot and humind summers but I already know it'll pass with flying colors. Thanks again!
Patrick T.

My name is Clay and I just ordered a tin of Light Firehouse Wax on Friday. I already got it today (Monday) and was extremely impressed on the speediness with which you filled and shipped my order. On top of that I love the wax. It's exactly what I've been looking for. I've been using wax for a couple months now and have only used the softer kinds in tubes. Clubman, Brother's Love, Stern etc. While I like all of them I wanted something stiffer and sturdier. I wanted something like Murrays Superior Pomade, which I use in my hair and it doesn't come out easily. Sorry for rambling, I just like when good people make good products and I like to support those businesses. You got a new loyal customer!
Clay S.
(Daleville, IN)

Thanks Guys. New to the FD in Methuen, MA but the mustache wax helps my handlebars really pop and makes me feel like a salty old Jake. Love the product.
Ross H.
(Methuen, MA)

I've had a Moustache for about 45 years. The products from FIREHOUSE are the best Moustache products produced. I'm a buyer/ collector of many, many, many things and I've purchased many waxes for the Moustache. If I've seen it for sale.......I've bought and tried it. Believe me.....this IS THE BEST.........HANDS DOWN!!
Peter F.
(Bend, OR)

Hey John,
Your product was suggested to me by a good friend so I decided to check it out. I love everything about what you're doing man. You manage to convey a great vibe through your webpage. If I was local, I'd buy you a beer. Cheers sir. Have a great day, and thanks for what you do. 
William R.
(San Dimas, CA)

I have tried other waxes in the past and they have worked "okay." Firehouse Moustache Wax (Dark & Light)however has shown to be superior in every way. I use it once in the morning and it is good all day long. Great hold! You have another lifelong customer here. Thanks!!!
Greg S.
(Oklahoma City, OK)

Wanted to drop a little note to say thank you for an excellent product and customer service. This is my second order with you and I am looking forward to trying the Wacky Tacky this time. The Dark has worked great for me. Kinda wish you had some of the chapstick containers of wax, but your formula may be too thick for that. Thank you, again!
Brad M.
(Robinson, IL)

I had previously tried using a (well known) Pomade and two other store brand Pomades, to tame the 'stach. Needless to say they all sucked. In dire need of a suitable concoction, a good friend found me at the bar hiding my shame and recommended Firehouse Wax. Went online, ordered a can of Firehouse Dark, and the rest is history. One peace sign and two thumbs up gentleman. About to order your infamous Firehouse Wacky Tacky. Looking forward to using another of your fine products.
Sean H.
(Robstown, TX)

The best moustache wax made...period. The only wax that holds up in the Texas heat...all other waxes melt, leaving your stache looking like crap. I will never use anything else...
 I just ordered 2 tins of Wacky Tacky..I am almost out and like to keep stocked up..Thanks so much for making quality wax for us southern moustachioed men..I can't thank you enough. Have a great 2013..I am a forever customer.
Mark W.
(La Porte, TX)

Hello There,
Ive been kinda busy, but I just wanted to email you and let you know that I'm very impressed with how fast my order came! Ordered it on a Sat. morning and got it Monday in California!
And the (Tacky) product is great! Super Tacky and great hold with a nice pleasant aroma! Thanks Again, I will reccomend this product to anyone who can use wax.
Chad C.
(San Juan Capistrano, CA)

I am writing this email to say thank you for the lovely (Dark) wax I just purchased. This is my first handlebar moustache and your wax gave me the stache I was wanting to acheive. I will be a customer/ stache wearer for life thanks to your wonderful wax! Much thanks 
Mark H.
(Indian Trail, NC)

Thanks, John and Kristine! Please feel free to quote me in saying that your (Dark wax) product is the best moustache wax I have found, so much so that it has inspired me to keep my handlebar look for a long time. Other, more frustrating products have had me close to chopping it off in the past, which would be a tragedy as it has become my signature amongst my friends and colleagues! 
Keep up the good work.
My best,
Christian K.
(Pittsburgh, PA)

Awesome wax. I received my first order of Wacky Tacky and, needless to say, I was impressed. Started my handlebar about a year ago and had been using a wax available at a pharmacy. It only worked for about half the day then would leave me drooping with white clumps in my stache. Had I known there was that much difference in quality, I would have ordered a long time ago. Thanks for making a great product at such a fair price.
Gary B.

Dear Sir,
Thank you kindly for making an excellent moustache wax. I've been giving a few to my friends in need and all the feedback has been nothing but positive. I wish you and yours a great new year and peaceful holidays.
Best regards,
Juuso M.

...By the way, I LOVE the product! Best wax I've ever tried! It even held up through the dig out of a fire scene in humid Houston, TX where I am an arson investigator. Thanks, and I will surly order again soon.
Chris S.
(Houston, TX)

Hey John,
Kyle here, from Newport Beach CA. I just placed another order and thought I would let you know how appreciative I am of Firehouse Wacky Tacky. I have been using your wax for almost a year now, and it never fails me. No matter what the weather or activity, I can always rely on the hold. It is a truly superior product, and I will continue to be a loyal customer. 
Thanks so much,
Kyle L.
(Newport Beach, CA)