Info. & Details About the Waxes:

Allergy Information:
Our waxes contain no nuts, corn, gluten, coconut, dairy, almond, soy,  lanolin or resin (fir, pine, cedar etc.). They do contain beeswax but no other animal byproducts. They do contain a small amount of petroleum product. Without it, you would not be able to get the wax out of the tin. There are no dyes or fragrances in our waxes. Both color and scent come naturally from the waxes used.

Variations in color for the Dark and Tacky:
The Dark and Tacky waxes can have a tendency to be lighter or darker in color due to the natural variances in the waxes used. It is not something that can be controlled. The natural variances in the wax can also sometimes cause striations in the color but will not affect performance. Overall, the Tacky is the darkest of the waxes and is good for brown to black hair. However, there are many customers with lighter colored hair that also use the Tacky. If they get one that is darker in color it can have a tendency to darken the hair some. If you order a Light wax with a Tacky, we'll automatically try to find you a lighter colored Tacky. That being said, none of our waxes contain dyes or fragrances. The color (and scent) come naturally from the waxes used, so any "darkening" has more of a natural look and is not dramatic in effect.

Can you make the Tacky in a lighter color?:
Unfortunately it is not possible to make a light colored Tacky because of the waxes used. The color comes naturally from the waxes used and there's no way to get it in a white/light form and it still be 'Wacky Tacky.' However, the color can vary from a lighter to darker colored Tacky due to those natural variances in the waxes, so you can always request a lighter colored Tacky and we'll do our best to find one for you. It's not something we can control and therefore market, but we always put aside any lighter colored Tacky's for special requests.

We also have many customers that combine the Light wax with the Tacky to get the hold and look they are wanting. The Dark wax also has excellent hold and is lighter in color than the Tacky. It tends to go on more of a neutral color. Like the Tacky, we also have some that come out lighter in color so you could also special request a lighter colored one when ordering and we'll do our best to find one.

Dark wax info:
The Dark wax is more of a medium to light colored brown and is good for brownish or reddish colored facial hair. All waxes generally go on lighter than they look in the tin.

Light wax info:
The Light wax is for blonde/gray facial hair and can sometimes be a little more white or yellowish looking in the tin, but will blend well with all lighter colored facial hair. Occasionally the Light wax may get a crack on the top due to differences in temperature when making it. However, it will not affect the hold or application in any way.

Salt and pepper colored hair:
If you have a salt/pepper 'stache, which wax to choose all depends on which color you have more of or are wanting to enhance/accent. The Light will enhance and blend well with the lighter colored hairs, and somewhat lighten the darker hairs. The Tacky will somewhat darken the lighter hairs as well as enhance the darker hairs. Some salt and pepper customers prefer to use a combo of both the Light and Tacky. The Dark wax is more of a neutral color, so some customers find the Dark wax to be a good in-between for the salt and pepper color combo. It all comes down to a personal preference!

Difference between the waxes - hold, color and texture:
As far as hold, all three have great hold and that shouldn't ever be a problem. The Tacky and Dark are considered to have a little more hold than the Light, but again, hold and taming/controlling hairs will not be an issue for any of the waxes. The Dark wax is personally John's favorite (it tends to do better in Mississippi's very hot and humid weather) and the Wacky Tacky is a customer favorite. In addition to color being the main difference in the waxes, the texture is also a little different, with the Wacky Tacky being the tackiest. All waxes were specifically handcrafted to withstand all weather conditions. All three waxes are not limited to just moustaches and are for all facial hair including beards, goatees, sideburns and even eyebrows.

General info. about the waxes:
Please note the wax is not a paste/cream. This is a "real" wax and therefore is stiff...thus the excellent hold. The wax is not hard to apply but may take a little getting use to if you're not used to a real and stiff wax. (For detailed instructions on application see our "How to Apply" page.) The wax comes in one ounce tins that are opened with a ‘twist and pull up’ motion. A little bit of wax goes a long way. If wax gets on the outside of the tin or anywhere else that you don't want it, just wipe with a soft, dry cloth or towel. Our waxes are Vegetarian approved, but not Vegan approved due to beeswax being an ingredient.

We strive to provide excellent customer service and will ship the same or next day of your order. Everything about our wax is hand done, including the labeling of tins. So you may get a tin that is not perfectly poured or the label might not be perfectly centered, but it all adds to the uniqueness of our wax!